As sunlight breaks through your window to wake you up, you hear your roommates whispering about it. At work, between the hustle and bustle of the day to day, you think you hear fragments of conversations speaking its truth. On the train home you look over someone’s shoulder — What’s that they’re reading? What does it say? Could everyone you’ve come across be steadily marching to the beat of one unified thought? Could ROBERT PATTINSON BE THE NEXT JAMES BOND (IF DANIEL CRAIG GOT HIS WAY)?! From Hollywood Life, via Celebitchy:

Robert Pattinson‘s career is going from strong — could he be leaving behind his vampire ways to become a suave international spy? The current James Bond star Daniel Craig is singing Rob’s acting praises, and according to a new report, he told Rob that he would “make a brilliant Bond.”

Well, we know Rob looks good in a tuxedo! This could be a great career move for him, and funnily enough, Daniel previously said that Rob’s girlfriend and former co-star, Kristen Stewart, would “make a great Bond girl.”

Daniel is lining up Rob as his replacement, as he plans to hang up his spy tools in the near future in order to start a family with his wife Rachel Weisz.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love 4 sure that the two Daniel Craig quotes in this piece about how he is 4 sure attempting to line up Robert Pattinson to take his place as James Bond in the year 2030 or whenever the switch will happen are “make a brilliant Bond” and “make a great Bond girl.” Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart as James Bond and Bond Girl, his maybe-mouth to God’s ears. But what do you, the public, think?

Is Robert Pattinson YOUR New James Bond?

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  1. They’re making a sequel to Skyfall?

  2. “Robert Pattinson‘s career is going from strong”

    Kelly, you need to step your game up if you want to make it in this town. Not everyone can craft as beautifully worded sentences as this.

  3. Daniel is lining up Rob as his replacement, as he plans to hang up his spy tools in the near future in order to start a family with his wife Rachel Weisz.

    The author understands that he only plays a spy in the movies, right? Like, that he’s not really risking his life fighting bad guys and stuff?

  4. Is James Bond going to sparkle now, too?

    I do not like the directions things are headed.

  5. Also why is there even about Robert Pattinson as the next Bond? There were rumors of Idris Elba being the next Bond, so I believe the case is closed on this one. Show me a better candidate than Idris Elba, and I will show you a good sequel to The Matrix.

  6. “Bond. James Bond. I guess…whatever.”

  7. He should do to Skyfall what all those kids did to Dangerous Liaisons with Cruel Intentions years ago.

  8. E.G.A.D.

  9. He needs to get a better hairdo if he ever wants to be Bond. What is going on in that picture? Does he have bangs? Is it like that on purpose? Get it together, man.

  10. I really can’t see him playing James Bond, but he was pretty good in Water for Elephants, which was a pretty decent movie.

  11. It’s time for 00-Idris world. You’re not ready, I’m not ready, but it’s time. Black Bond arise!! Seriously, between Idris, Terrance Howard, Michael Jai White (lol) and Obama the time is now for Black Bond.

  12. Sorry R-Patts, the next Bond is obviously going to be Bondedict Comberbond.

  13. Rpatz as new Bond Girl; Kstew as new Bond. Done and done.


  15. omg rob HAS got to be the next bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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