It’s nice when things don’t end up as bad as you expect they will! #AIRHORNSOUND #AIRHORNSOUND (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. What a bloophead!

  2. Had it not been for that blooper, this would be an early frontrunner in this year’s race for World’s Most Boring Video.

  3. Why was there no feral cat falling out of the ceiling?

    I’m just gonna leave this here:

  4. Hope all the dust that came out of the ceiling doesn’t make him sneeze, or he is gonna need some Bena-drill.

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen, but please, this incessant cheering is what caused the Beatles to stop touring.

  5. i saw that one coming.

    Sorry, that was laborious.

    I’ll just go out the way i came in.

  6. I was worried bugs were going to fly out, so the real blooper was quite a relief.

  7. Joder que tonto tio!

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