Oh, Benedict. This still from the upcoming Julian Assange biopic The Fifth Estate has been making the rounds lately, as it should, and my goodness is it ever unflattering. Our boy! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BEAUTIFUL BOY?! Let’s take a break from trying to reconcile our deep love for Benny with the fact that a blond wig could possibly change everything and try to CAPTION THIS STILL!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and a free Men In Black neuralyzer flash. (Thanks for the tip, everybody!)

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  1. OH, so this IS A prequel FOR THIS dude?

    COOL movie, GUYS.

  2. This is truly the darkest timeline.

  3. All I can see is Blonde Snape.

  4. And like much of the info Julian Assange leaked, this photo should never have seen the light of day.

  5. I’d still hit that.

  6. Check out Goldileaks over here.

  7. Pictured: Thom Yorke and Jeff Tweedy circa mid 90′s.

  8. julian assange’s boyfriend’s facial hair is really flattering

  9. We’re going to need a smaller couch.

  10. Cumberbotched (haircut).

  11. “This week I think I’ll try playing a *blonde* narcissistic sociopath.”

  12. “Don’t worry man, the ladies will forget about it in time”

  13. “And the award for Most Halfhearted Malfoy/Potter Cosplay goes to…”

  14. This is what I imagine Cabbage Patch Kids look like when they grow up.

  15. AHHH, it’s Daniel Bruhl. Of Goodbye Lenin fame.

    Sorry, other ladies of videogum, but Benedict is not the handsomest in this photo.


  17. These two? Just a couple of wikifreaks, amirite?

  18. It is said that when Aslan was shorn, his golden mane turned dry and yellow as it fell to the ground. None knew what became of it after that, until now: this Spectre gathered it up and fled with it back to the shadows. And look now, it wears the brittle mane upon its head. Do not be deceived, my friends. This is a false Aslan.

  19. Well, that’s one way to stop a leak.

  20. Dosen’t matter. I will still swoon!

  21. Canadian transvestite and friend observe statue.

  22. Daniel Bruhl is seen here consoling Benedict Cumberbath after losing the Scarlett Johansen drag constest to Christopher Walken.


  24. Ugh they look like Lucius Malfoy and a LOLcat with glasses.

  25. If this one doesn’t get you excited, ladies, just wait for his starring role in Polanski! The Musical.

  26. Computer nerds should really stop taking their style cues from Hackers.

  27. Computer nerds should really stop taking their style ques from Hackers

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