• These are just some nice pictures of Freida Pinto promoting Girl Rising at Sundance. -JustJared
  • Guess who is making a late-night talk show comeback? Hint: WOOH WOOH WOOH -Deadline
  • SXSW Rejects The Canyons Over “Quality Issues” (WE COULD HAVE TOLD THEM THAT, RIGHT GUYS?) -BlackBook
  • Mad Men Season 6: Everything We Know So Far -TheWeek
  • Here’s a 12 minute Silver Linings Playbook Behind-The-Scenes featurette for your enjoyment. Watch it for The Lumineers at the beginning, if nothing else! -/Film
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  1. There is more Freida Pinto on videogum than on all the other interwebs combined. Not complaining. Just sayin.

  2. Wait, they are going to bring The Arsenio Hall Show back but in syndication? I honestly don’t think Arsenio is doing much these days… couldn’t they ask him to pick up where he left off: interviewing Dennis Miller, Dave Grohl, Kesley Grammer, Andy Dick and the cast of NewsRadio?

  3. so we know Pete isn’t going to commit suicide season 6, but will he be punched in the face?

  4. Arsenio Hall is a pervert murderer.

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