You’ve probably already noticed this by now, but local commercials for furniture stores are fucking insane. Between Schweig Engel and Flea Market Montgomery and Norton Furniture, apparently you cannot sell a sofa in your community the way you can sell barbecue or oil changes. Your pitch must be completely unhinged and occasionally upsetting. Now, a couple of dudes in North Carolina have made a commercial for a regional furniture store that is a knowing, winking tribute to this weird and unexplained trend, and yet, because the trend is so bizarre and unselfconsciously bananas already, it’s hard to tell the difference:

LOLOLOL. Eracism! It’s like the Carlos Mencia of cable access furniture ads, if Carlos Mencia had ever actually made me laugh.

Does anyone know if this has aired on real life TV? More importantly, does anyone know if this has solved North Carolina’s history of troubled race relations? (Thanks for the tip, Ben.)

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  1. That was sufficiently badass.

  2. Whew! Glad they were able to solve that whole racism problem, because my day is booked full.

  3. i wont lie – white johnny kinda does it for me.

  4. My name is Carrie, AKA “TEN GAUGE.”

  5. Warren J  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 0

    This has Rhett and Link in it which are comedians…so who knows!

  6. Warren J  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +3

    This has comedians Rhett and Link it in…so who knows.

  7. Okay, I won’t lie I know where this place is….any suggestions of what I should say when i walk in there this weekend, cause i have to.

  8. i too love PUMPING furniture into people’s houses. ick!

  9. Why did they only let Steve Earle into the opening scene?

  10. I’m glad they included Hispanics at the end. I was worried that I might be denied entrance to yet another establishment :/

  11. The whole time I was like “What about Hispanic people? Or Asian people?” and then the stinger came in at the end and answered all my questions.

  12. The best part of this was the awful African landscape painting they clearly set up behind the black woman. Brilliant.

  13. he was very articulate in that response

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