Is that it? Are we done? Has the Internet finally achieved everything that it set out to do? Congratulations! Good work everyone. And the best part was we had fun doing it, right? Cool. Bye forever! Turn off the lights and close the door on your way out. The first round at Shenanigans is on me! (Thanks for the tip, Peter.)

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  1. I thought this was going to be really satisfying, but the leprosy Photoshop has made me feel all gross and crawly. THANKS A LOT.

    • And not even because of leprosy. I mean, do you guys love seeing those cleaning product commercials where you get the split screen of advertised cleaning product vs. rival cleaning products? And it’s just like, OH MAN I know that this dirty surface is about to be cleaned SO WELL? I imagine I would get a lingering bad hangnail feeling if one of those commercials didn’t deliver on the clean surface promise.

  2. Congratulations! Now instead of a band-aid you have some gnarly scar tissue!

  3. I like Nelly’s new video and song! Shouldn’t this be on Stereogum tho?

  4. It turns out I don’t even remotely understand what I just watched. I’m no Dad, but I’ll be over here with the Dads. #Dads

  5. Here’s to hoping that this is all that survives us as a civilization.

  6. The aftermath of Nelly and City Spud’s reunion is more beautiful than I could have imagined.

  7. Poopy.JPG

  8. This was the most relaxing video I’ve seen in ages! Everything is trampoline this and sled-accident that. I just want peaceful music and Nelly photos getting shopped!

  9. My dad proposed to my mom at a bar called Shenanigans, so i basically grew up thinking they were Roman and Marlena. Or Bo and Hope. Or John and Marlena.

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