Sometimes it’s just nice to start the day with something BEAUTIFUL.

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  1. Yes and this is beautiful to me:

  2. Ugh. I have a cousin who posted some bullshit on Facebook yesterday about how the Liberal Media makes Michelle Obama out to be stylish even though (according to my very white trash cousin) she’s not. Then some other charming cousins chimed in by pointing out that she’s ugly and wears large belts to distract from her big butt.

    Thinly veiled family racism is the worst. And Facebook is the worst. But at least we have Michelle Obama.

    • If Michelle Obama isn’t pretty then I’m a troll.

    • I hope you did the mature thing and tell your cousin that she smells like butts.

    • In a similar vein – Did you see all the assassination twitters yesterday? I was kind of shocked, although should I be? I mean people were saying they were hoping he’d get assassinated and how it wasn’t fair they would assassinate JFK but not some N word? I mean get not liking a president. I hated…LOATHED Bush but I never wanted him to be assassinated, although I did wish he’d spend time in jail for his crimes.

    • Ugh, I feel your pain. I grew up in Texas and the deep south, so I have many white trash Facebook friends who constantly post insane statuses about how Obama is the devil incarnate. At one point a photo was going around of a post it note at a gas station pump outside Atlanta that said how when Bush left office the gas prices were at an all time low but since then the gas prices had risen a dollar or two, and so therefore don’t vote for Obama its his fault. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

      Between that crap and statuses about how guns are probably the least harmful thing in America ever, I think I am going to delete my Facebook.

      • Although the hilariously misguided claims of “I can’t deal with Obama’s liberal bullshit anymore, I’m moving to Canada” almost make it all worth it.

        • I always imagine a crowd of French-speaking, married gay couples holding signs that say “Hooray for socialized medicine!” waiting to greet them upon arrival. And I smile.

    • I made the mistake of clicking on one of those massively shared gun control pictures on facebook and it made me want to be dead. It’s terrible seeing comments on youtube, but at least they’re hidden by usernames like XXsepirothXX. But seeing real people arguing all day and getting little thumbs up for saying racist garbage makes me think that facebook as a forum should never exist.

      • I once saw an video installation that was just a black dude and a white dude sitting and reading the nastiest and most bile-filled racist, homophobic, and sexist comments they could find on youtube. The video was like, a billion hours long, and the whole thing was really disheartening.

        Sephiroth is a pretty cool villain tho.

  3. “Alright Sgt. Timothy Easterling, so you’re gonna go out there, dance your dance, say “Goodnight, I’ve had a very lovely evening”, go home. And that’s all you’re gonna do.”

  4. And now, please welcome Grammy winner and sex tape star Kid Rock to perform “American Bad Ass.”….Joining President and Mrs. Romney on stage is Rafalca…. (Dispatches from an alternate universe)

  5. Oh wow I love that dress. So beautiful.

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