• Chuck Schumer Breaks Out Eagle Podium, Dumbledore Impression At Inaugural Luncheon (Not actually serious, but a pretty good gag for all the Potter-heads.) -HyperVocal
  • Conan O’Brien shows us only the contentious parts of Oprah’s Lance Armstrong interview with very funny results. -CONAN
  • Is your celebrity crush cuter than they were in high school? You’re about to find out. -Vulture
  • Warner Brothers might reboot Gremlins, ugh! Don’t they know some things are sacred? Don’t feed them after midnight! -/Film
  • Break It Down: Mark Wahlberg Breaks Stuff (and acts sort of like his regular self, I’d imagine. It’s really great!) -MTV
  • Ryan Gosling says his muscles are like his pets. More like his muscles are the REST of our pets, am I right? -Perez
  • Leonardo DiCaprio plans to take “long, long break” from acting after doing 3 movies in 2 years (!) to ”fly around the world doing good for the environment.” SNORESVILLE, POPULATION THIS STORY. -RadarOnline
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  1. Whoa Joe Biden – in HS – was the hottest of the bunch! And awww Stanley Tucci!

  2. Since there was a mild mention of Mark Wahlberg here, I want to let everyone know that I did indeed go to Wahlburgers this weekend, and it was ever so delicious. Still highly recommended, even though we didn’t have any Wahlberg sightings.

  3. Leo needs to do a little research into the environmental impacts of plane travel, I’m not sure it’s as beneficial as he thinks it is.

  4. Well, I definitely need that photo of Steve Buschemi blown up and put in an ornate frame so when I eventually have a home with a foyer I can put it right in the foyer.

  5. Rick Santorum is literally wearing a shirt with cocks all over it.

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