You slowly chip away and chip away, while everyone looking at what you’re doing thinks, “Oh no. I don’t know if this is a good idea.” But you know that you just have to keep chipping, resolute in your belief that this huge silo needs to come down some way, and the way for it to come down is for you to hack at it with an axe, standing underneath, while your friend takes a video. Will it fall on the barn behind you? Will it fall right on top of both you and your friend, even after your friend took the precaution of moving back a few steps? Or will it kind of just fall down a little bit on top of you, but not enough to hurt you, and actually it all turns out the best way it possibly could given your method? You never know until you do it. And isn’t that just like life. (Via TheAwesomer.)

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  1. Atta boy Bimzie.

  2. Reading that write-up gave me so much anxiety. Can we all, as a family, pretty please agree to stop giving “hits” or “views” or whatever to people filming themselves doing super dangerous, incredibly dumb things? It might not make much of a dent in the market for viral videos of people almost killing themselves, but it will make me feel a whole lot better. This is basically a snuff film that didn’t work out as planned.

    • I believe felling silos with sledgehammers is actually pretty common. It’s a sledgehammer, not an axe, and the man is wearing a sweatshirt from a professional tree removal company. Also: sorry, I can’t agree to that.

  3. I really thought it was going to be a sisyphean effort. But oh no eh.

  4. I love that their preparation for this involved one of them talking to some other guy in the area who told them he knocked a silo down and it fell “like a tree”, which explains a little bit the method behind the madness.

  5. I wonder if they found the bones of that guy from Witness in there.

  6. Thanks Bimzie, now I have to spend the rest of the week cleaning this up!


  8. That was more suspenseful than Argo.

  9. The more you know

  10. Kelly’s videos are giving me so much stress today. Is there not such a thing in this town as a bulldozer or a wrecking ball or a crane or ANYTHING that might be safer and more effective than a Bimzie?!

    I also hate that these two reinforce the movie/cartoon error of running the length of an object one is felling in some sort of terribly idiotic way instead of the shorter width. Run the 4 feet to the side of it instead of trying to run the 30 feet of its length when it falls! I’m no silo felling expert…but maybe I am compared to Bimzie.

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