There is possibly nothing more boring than listening to people detail how they spent the previous night, if they spent the previous night drinking and the reason they are telling you how they spent it is to make you understand why they are feeling and the degree to which they are feeling like garbage today. (Things that ARE possibly more boring are people talking about accomplishments in video games, people talking about what they do for a living if what they do for a living is boring, people talking about stuff that happened on Twitter, people talking about different ways to get to a place using the subway, people talking about where streets are, and of course the classic “people talking about their dreams.”) But somehow this Charles Bukowski story, which mostly gets over the drinking part and heads right to the “worst hangover” part, is different? I can’t really put my finger on why, but it definitely feels different than other “worst hangover” stories I’ve heard. Maybe it’s because of the jacket he’s wearing? You take a look and see what you think.

I don’t know, on second listen I guess it’s normal. We get it, buddy! We’ve all had hangovers! (Via TWBE.)

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  1. Worst hangover story or best suicide story?

  2. That reminds me, I wanted to tell you guys that I finally beat the Goddess’s Silent Realm in Skyward Sword last weekend! I got caught by the guardians like four times first, but then I finally did it! Even though I only found one dusk relic, I was even more excited about it than the other day when I had a dream that Benedict Cumberbatch was my dentist and he was going to remove my wisdom teeth. I totally tweeted about that and no one retweeted… WTF? Thanks for listening, good talk!

    • Um, I might buy a Wii almost soley for this game. On a scale of 1-10, how rad is it?

      • It’s pretty fun, but not my favorite Zelda. It’s more lighthearted than Twilight Princess and the sword movement is more precise. There are some new weapons which is fun. One thing though is that you have to fly around on this bird a lot (kind of in the vein of the sailing in Windwaker) and the controls aren’t great. Also, there’s no warping which is a pain. And you play a harp instead of an ocarina and you don’t get to play button sequences, you just hold down a button and swing the remote back and forth. Minor quibbles though. So… 7?

        • No warping?! Uuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

          I like that it is more lighthearted than Twilight Princess. I dug that game a bunch (housemate at the time had a Wii), but wouldn’t want all my Zelda dark.

          I never played Windwaker, so that is another reason to get a Wii.

  3. I had a nightmare about my grades last night (just kidding, it was this morning because I am hungover).

  4. He paints a picture with his words, doesn’t he?

  5. Yeah I know he’s a pretty good read, but god who’d want to be such an asshole?

    • I know it is unfashionable, but I seriously cannot stand that guy.

    • Charles Bukowski and Chuck Palaniuk are OK when you’re 14,15,16 because they seem very rebellious and anti-authoritarian. I think Bukowski can age better, but only if you accept that he’s writing grim realist fiction with the cadence of an old-timey detective story (think Sam Spade or something like that).

      That said, I think I kind of would have hung out with Bukowski at least a little bit (and then of course immediately regretted it). He was alive still when I was a teenager and he’d often published his address in LA. The rumor was you could visit if you brought beer. I never found out if that was true.

    • I clicked like because of the Modest Mouse quote. Which is pretty much all I think of when I hear his name too.

  6. I occasionally tweet my dreams, you guys should follow me. I didn’t have one last night though. But my neighbor knocked on my door to tell me he was moving out, he’s moving to Chicago on 12 hours’ notice due to a dying stepmother, so he wanted to give me his car key so I could handle his car for him, and I said sure. Later, he knocked again, but I’d drunk wine and was asleep, but I woke up, but I was disoriented. If I remember the dream that got interrupted, I’ll post it, but that’s pretty hopeless. Anyway I said good-bye and he explained where his car was. It took him a long time to find the words even though it was parked almost exactly in front of the building. #relevantstory

  7. I thought for sure he was gonna say that when she stuck her head out the window, she threw up on the body. Sorry for that image.

  8. He tells stories like someone’s really kind grandpa. Someone’s really kind, gruff, totally inappropriate for children grandpa. I bet if you were nursing a hangover and listen to Bukowski tell you stories with that 70s (80s?) piano in the background, you’d feel a little better. Not much, but a little.

  9. Barf-ly

  10. When I worked in a coffee shop inside a book store, a lady worked in the book store who had also been a nurse or a hospice worker or something, and she attended to Bukowski on his death bed. He assumed she had no idea who he was. One day, very near the end, he reached for her hand and said, “I used to be a poet, you know.” And she just said, “Really? I bet you were a great one. I can tell about you.”

    I asked if I could shake her hand that held his hand and she did, and gave me a hug.

    • Oh. I think he may have answered, “I was okay sometimes.” But I’m not sure.

      • Ugh. The more I think about it, his answer was more negative. Something like, “No, I was never good. Just maybe okay here and there.” I was keeping a journal back then because I was convinced my daily life was important, so no doubt I wrote down the exact words, but it would take forever to look up and I’d have to wade through my detailed reaction to The Matrix and descriptions of happy hours I attended.

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