My favorite part about this essay about playing Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty is how he keeps pointing out how different he is from the actual Bin Laden, as if that is not the whole point of acting in the first place. I will never forget this essay LOLOLOLOLOL.

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  1. “I played Osama Bin Laden BUT I’M NOT A TERRORIST YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY!” -that guy

    “Tell me about it!” -guy who played Hitler

  2. I like that his name is Ricky. Such a little boy name for the guy who played Bin Laden.

  3. This link didn’t open in a separate tab. I’m going to need an essay from Gabe explaining the differences between him and the global face of evil, because right now, I’m not so sure….

  4. I played Ghandi in high school, but honestly we were very similar.

  5. “Your smile is not as creepy as Bin Laden’s.” —actual quote from this guy’s girlfriend

  6. “Sounds like they could have just used a dummy to play the role of ‘body in a duffel bag.’” – me, at page one of the article “Sounds like they DID just use a dummy!” -me, at the end of the article

    My favorite part of this article is for sure the part where he calls himself Osama bin Loungin. No question.

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