The big television comedy news this week was the return of Girls on Sunday night, the same night Lena Dunham took home Golden Globes for Best Comedy Series and Best Actress. Did she and the show deserve these awards? Probably not, but who cares, they are Golden Globes and whoever possesses them effects none of us. That being said, I enjoyed the first episode of season two! I think I saw some criticism elsewhere about how Hannah seemed abruptly different from season one — stronger, specifically, in her relationship with Adam than we were used to, and that that was a bad thing somehow. I realize I am referencing something that I read in passing somewhere that I don’t even remember, which is frustrating, but I disagree with whatever it was! Mostly because her relationship with Adam is tiresome to watch, and it makes sense that she would move away when she felt like she was actually getting what she wanted, while STILL keeping it on the back-burner, because she is awful. Everything about it makes sense. Also if she were still chasing after Adam, how could the show have introduced its black character, Donald Glover? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, PEOPLE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT BROOKLYN IS ALL WHITE? Also Andrew Rannells showed his butt and made out with the still insufferable Marnie. Get out of your ex’s bed, girl. Speaking of Andrew Rannells, it is very silly that he plays someone who is 23 or so on Girls and then someone who is 37 or so on New Normal. Does he pull it off? YES! I don’t know. Who cares. I love him. He can play his own baby on New Normal for all I care, just get this guy some more roles! (New Normal is a show probably most of you dislike, which I get, but I like it and leave me alone and it was good this week. Shania had lots of good lines and my favorite was, “What is a vagina for other than peeing?”) (Hahaha.) (Let’s take a jump, follow me.)

This week also saw the return of Parks and Recreation, which was good but not great. The sweet/funny mix was a little too heavy on the sweet and a bit too light on the funny, I think. Though obviously I was very excited when they played Settlers of Catan, my favorite board game that I’m not embarrassed about at all. “AH,” I yelled while pointing at the screen. AH! Also the molecular gastronomy bar was very funny. What else? There is always so much to talk about. New Girl was great this week, I thought. I laughed out loud at “Little Penis” every time they said it, and I thought Jess commending Nick for not being more of a mess at the end was very sweet. The lead up to the inevitable Nick/Jess relationship has been very well paced, I think. The Mindy Project was terrible. The best thing Hannah from Girls has going for her in the likability zone is that Mindy from The Mindy Project is the least likable leading character on television. WHY AREN’T YOU LADIES WRITING YOURSELVES BETTER? A line like “I can do anything as long as it’s just paying for something” (delivered after forgetting that your best friend’s child existed) is not funny enough to overcome how insufferable it is, and would work better if it were coming from a secondary character that we didn’t have to root for in order for the whole show to work. Also, and Vulture has pointed this out before, it feels a little cheap how often Mindy reuses jokes — I forget if it was this week or last week, but at one point she calls her friends and they are hanging out together and she screeches, “Are you guys hanging out without me?!” It’s as if she thinks tidbits like these are so golden that she can’t help but use them everywhere, and that only draws your attention to how not-so-hot the tidbits are. Ugh. Anyway. Bob’s Burgers was very good, obviously, that show is a genius show put together by geniuses, though it is wearing on me how Fred Armisen has to play music in every guest role he’s given. Quit it, Fred! Speaking of him, though, Portlandia delivered once again this week. The Office and 30 Rock were both enjoyable enough. I’m running out of steam. What did you guys think? OH! I nearly forgot Kroll Show, which we were all asked to watch as if we wouldn’t definitely have watched it anyway! Kroll Show was obviously great. So. What did you guys think?

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  1. I almost cried through the whole Bachelor party on Parks and Rec. Those guys are so sweet to each other! I love it.

    Also did you guys see Bob on Archer? Great, right?

    • They were playing settlers of Catan too. My fave.

    • I just loved their rendition of Shoop.

    • I really like what they did with Chris in the bachelor party plot, even though it was hella cheesy. And even though when I was watching I felt like the conclusion was the most convenient possible thing, now that I look back on it all these hours later, I have a warm, gooey feeling in my stomach about this new coupling. You don’t always get what you want, Chris. You get what you need.

      Also, Andy’s fantasy about April’s second marriage was top notch.

    • I was so happy to see Chris FINALLY have something to do besides feel sorry for himself. Mopey sad Chris was getting tiresome. But doing bachelor parties for everyone in one night was… yeah, just sweet and amazing and not snarky and I loved it!

  2. Dylan McDermott was pretty good on the premiere of Enlightened.

  3. Girls felt forced with Donald Glover. I guess I wouldn’t think that if I knew that there was a “racial” controversy. Also, the scene with the gay roomie and hannah’s bff almost having sex was just stupid. Shoshana was the best as usual and wins for saying “beeteedubs”.

    My boyfriend watched the new normal this week and I wanted to puke. Justin Bartha’s gorgeousness stopped this from happening.

    Enlightened was good. Love DM. Mike White is an amazing writer.

    Parks and Rec v good. Settlers of Catan!

    • Oh and New Girl was good. Nick wins again. And even though Schmidt is kind of creepy looking, his character is growing on me.

    • Oh! Yes! I watched Girls last night so I can participate.

      The Donald Glover thing was LITERALLY forced, but I think it would have been hard for her to do it better. I’m curious whether he’ll become a full-fleshed character, and I kind of suspect no? With Adam hanging around? I mean I’m actually on the side of “it’s a bit ridiculous that they don’t talk to anyone non-white, I mean at least throw in a spoiled hipster Asian” but Lena Dunham has basically acknowledged that her worldview is limited and that she’s trying to expand it within the show by bringing in actors of color, right? I’m willing to give her a chance.

      By the way, I do totally buy that she would only have white friends. Brooklyn is super diverse but parts of it are also super white. I noticed there were at least a couple people of color at the house party, though, so it’s not like they don’t know black people.

      • I’m a little confused about when television shows had to not only show but preferably star a diverse multicultural rainbow cast. The world has lots of people in it, it sure does! But the hard tooth of the matter is that, especially in America, many people still choose to self segregate. This doesn’t mean they are racist or have any bad feelings toward other people, it might just mean they don’t have much diversity in their friends or neighbors and can’t just pull a Donald Glover out of their butts like Lena Dunham.

        Can we think about say…a billion other shows, present and recent past that aren’t terribly diverse and maybe only have one token character of a different ethnicity that haven’t gotten the Girls level of scrutiny for it? I can! It also really burned my buns when I was reading about or listening to some african american women (writers I think they were mostly or bloggers/critics) be interviewed about Girls and criticize how it was too white, and it doesn’t represent THEM, and so they can’t watch it. Then they cited some of their favorite shows, all of which were either 100% african american casts or just about! Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle not diverse enough?

        Honestly, there have been almost no shows I’ve ever seen that even remotely reference my life let alone “represent me” (in age appropriate order maybe Freaks and Geeks, maybe My So Called Life, maybe Girls). I’m not watching Walking Dead because it represents my post-apocalyptic zombie world and I see zombies just like the zombies I know and love in real life, I am watching it because I want to see how awful Carl can get! Okay sorry, I’m done now.

    • Alison Williams clearly has a no-nudity clause, so why did they film the sex scene like that? It was distracting the way she was desperately covering herself up.

      • I know Kamyo. It’s weird. Also, people (especially men) need to get over it all – it’s just bodies! But the covering just makes it worse because if I were with someone who covered themselves that much I’d be super weirded out.

        imsteph – I think you’re right. I guess like thisisawkward said I don’t see a need to do it. But I guess it’s good. I like Donald Glover so whatever.

  4. I really wish they’d done more with the bachelorette party because I would’ve LOVED for Babe Lincoln to emancipate his abs, but the bachelor party was incredible. I love all those guys and Andy catching that touchdown was VERRRRY heartwarming.

  5. Guys, here’s something that bothers me about New Girl. Jess is so broke, she live with three guys and spent the better part of the season in myriad dead-end jobs after being laid-off. She clearly is not rolling in dough. So how is it that this seemingly broke girl can wear a DIFFERENT coat every episode.

    I realize there’s a willing suspension of disbelief that needs to occur to enjoy TV and that there are literally thousands of much more egregious jumps in logic on television, but I just can’t let this one go.

  6. Cougar Town was not so great this week. The plot with Laurie turning Grayson’s pub into a gay bar had its moments, but I wasn’t a fan of the Ellie treating Andy like a dog plot or the Jules is overly obsessed with Travis plot. I did love the bits with Dog Travis stealing beer from people’s refrigerators though.

    My main question right now though is, where the f is Grayson’s child? I would be perfectly happy if Tampa’s mom never came back to the show because she was super annoying, but it seems a little weird that nobody has even mentioned her yet this season.

    • OH also, can’t believe I forgot this, but WHAT was that tag with Tom and the cat? Jokes about domestic abuse are not funny! Also, we need less Tom in general. He can be funny, but only in small doses.

  7. Is anyone else thinking about trying out the San Diego Diet?

  8. I watched The Mindy Project this week, and it made me dislike the Mindy character even more. When your friend has a kid, you can’t just leave that kid in your apartment because it’s not convenient to you. Come on! I don’t mind the other characters nearly as much as they are firm in their personalities. But Mindy flips back and forth so much, and that’s not good for a lead. I really do hope this show figures out who she is because it has so much potential. I feel like a disappointed parent.

    The only other shows I watched were Parks and Rec and The Office, and I liked them both. It is funny to think about the old Ron who would have hated spending time with any one person from work, but now gladly chooses to, and shares details about his personal life with them. On The Office, I just really liked Darryl’s interview. He kills fish, and still gets hired! And the espresso stuff was just silly and accurate.

    • That is true about Ron. I feel like they have done a good job of slowly bringing him around though, as I did not even consider that until I read your comment.

  9. The Archer/Bob’s Burgers crossover was excellent! Ron Cadillac for the win!

  10. I think the problem with Girls is that all of the characters are either insufferable or ridiculous. They need the “straight man” character for the audience to relate to and cheer for in a way, like Michael Bluth, or Jim and/or Pam in the Office. I think Hannah is supposed to be that but she is pretty awful. I am 23 and I can kind of relate to her but I don’t ever root for her in any way. I guess Andrew Rannells’s character fits this role the best of anyone on the show? He is the only one I actually like. They also really need to stop calling this show a comedy. It is way more of a drama. There isn’t anything about the show that’s funny enough to call it a comedy.

    • i scrolled through the comments knowing that this would be in here somewhere. thank you saturnian.
      so my question is…

      Can someone explain to me how Girls is a comedy?

    • I concur. I haven’t seen this episode yet, but the first season was always more amusing than funny. That’s not a bad thing. I was just a little confused that people found it so hilarious when it didn’t seem to have many intentional jokes. I think it strove to be witty, but that’s about as far as I would go in saying it’s a comedy.

  11. Kelly, I have a secret… I like “The New Normal” too! It’s not the best comedy on TV, but it’s sweet & funny & Shania is the best.

    I thought I was the only one :(

  12. Parks & Rec lights up my life. I think it may actually be the happiest show on TV.

    Also… The first ten minutes or so of Archer were completely lost on a non-Bob’s Burgers viewer, but it ended so strong that I don’t care at all in any way. How much did I love Carol tripping on LSD gummy bears and seeing ostriches with vaguely English accents? SO MUCH.

  13. Parks and rec came back last night?! Why did I waste my evening hanging out with small children?!

  14. Archer, not the best (although the opening was fantastic), but it was just fun to have them back.

    “Can you think of anyone else less damsel-ly?”

    Parks and Rec-also good!

    New Girl- Dennis Farina as Nick’s con-man father=good!

    I am so insightful right now.

  15. But I was pretty psyched when Max mentioned my alma mater on Happy Endings. And how nice did his hair look in the first scene of that episode? So nice.

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