Jeff Goldblum, who is awesome (duh) made a rare appearance on Letterman last night to promote his new role on Law And Order: Criminal Intent (starting Sunday.) Jeff talked about acting and did rope tricks. He also admitted that he cares a lot about how he looks, which was a set up for a story about his realization this past weekend that he shares an alarming accessory with Jessica Lange’s version of Big Edie from Grey Gardens (and both guys admit to loving the movie, so watch it!) That video, and the rope tricks, after the jump.

I can’t wait until this is made into a “drunk Jeff Goldblum” video on YouTube:

Rope tricks:

Jeff was followed by comedian Jeff Dunham. Okay, I know about the whole Jeff Dunham thing where he’s the worst, but also makes the most money, of any comedian, but I’d somehow managed to protect my delicate sensibilities from being scandalized by his success-to-talent ratio until last night. Oh my god: Jeff Dunham is every bit as bad as everyone says, and worse! (Sorry for being so late on this.)

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  1. Jeff Goldblum is a DELIGHT. Thanks for posting this, Lindsay!

  2. yeah i saw that, so random.

  3. Thanks! Videogum needs more Goldblum.

  4. Who is this Dunham that you speak of?

  5. LeeLee  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +1

    Thanks so much for posting! I’ve loved JG forever. I’m pysched to see him on Criminal Intent this Sunday. Can’t wait to see what quirks he brings to the major case squad.

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