Hey guys! How was everyone’s day today? How is the weather in your area? Messed up, or back to normal, or was it always pretty much normal? I’ll tell you how the weather is around where I live: BACK TO NORMAL, BASICALLY! No more living like kings and queens with our 55 degrees and rainy weather like we were for the past week or so, now we once again have to live like the peasants we are with 30 degrees and rainy weather. Weather weather weather. Is there anything more interesting to talk about? I say no, but I have a feeling if Leonardo DiCaprio were here writing this blog with me he’d say, “Actually,” and I’d say, “You stop right there, Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’re going to say taking a boy’s vacation with Robert Pattinson or whoever to sooth your broken hearts with 40 hot young models is more interesting to talk about then weather I guess I’d have to say you’re right, but I don’t think that’s something we can all relate to, and furthermore–” and he’d cut me off and be like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! No, that’s not what I was going to say! I was just going to say that it seems like I’m trying to quit smoking, apparently, or it at least seems like there have been some pictures taken of me on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street using an eCigarette, just like Stephen Dorff. Am I quitting smoking? Was I just telling a Stephen Dorff joke? Who knows! But if I am trying to quit smoking and am doing it with this normal weirdo device, I think that would be something more interesting to talk about than the weather.” And I’d just sit back and be like, “Are you serious? You think just because you’re a celebrity anyone’s going to care about the method you’re using to quit smoking? Give me a break.” I would feel bad, though, because I do support his efforts to quit. So anyway, HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. In order from least important to most:
    1) Today’s my birthday
    2) Gave my notice at work and am starting a new gig on Tuesday
    3) My wife is 12 weeks pregnant.


  2. Not bad. I had a job interview today that I think went well, so fingers crossed and all that!

    But then I found out that Kelly was out of coffee and I just wish there were something I could have done for her in her time of need.

  3. Today was my last day on a contract that I’ve been on for two years. It’s definitely time for me to move on to other work, but it’s definitely one of the best contracts I’ve been on in my almost decade long career, and I’m gonna miss having such a steady and (relatively) friendly work environment. So cue the Boys II Men and break out the tissues. :-(

    However, my new contract seems promising, and I’ll be working from home a good chunk of the time, so I’ll still get to waste my time with you fine folks.

  4. My day was pretty good. I was in a good mood most of the day, at least partially because my day began by reading Pitchfork’s amazing write up that was posted today for the Donuts reissue, and Donuts (by J Dilla) is my favorite album of all time. I have my gripes with Pitchfork, but that article is legitimately great. And I got off work early for a non-serious doctors appointment. Also tomorrow night Archer and Parks & Rec come back, and both of those shows are hilarious.

  5. It’s been a pretty good day! Although it’s very cold here in Santa Fe. Tonight I need to read for class and pack for my trip to LA this weekend, where I have a wedding to go to. I’m excited to visit Southern California again! Fish tacos, Amoeba Records, etc.

    Also, it seems liek Nick Kroll has a show debuting tonight? It’s almost impossible to know if this is true, but if it is, I’m excited!

  6. Not the best day, guys. My dog started limping again this morning, and I’m concerned that he might need surgery again. His first surgery was a huge, expensive ordeal with a long, frustrating recovery, so I’m really hoping it’s nothing serious, but am not optimistic. I think at this point we’re decided that we bought a lemon. An adorable lemon I love to death, but a lemon nonetheless. Plus, my fiance has been working non-stop all week and is really sad about his job which makes me sad because he’s sad and also because he can’t pay any attention to me or the ailing dog. (ME ME ME.) And SPEAKING OF me, I wrote a book and it’s starting to get Goodreads reviews and so far all three reviews are both lukewarm and poorly written and I wonder if I would prefer that they were well written by people whose opinions I trusted and basically I’m very scared of contempt and failure and the premature death of my literary career that I essentially gaveupmyothercareertopursue.

    On the plus side, Petting Zoo was great today, and I’m getting into Ada, or Ardor, which I’d been meaning to read since college. It’s really good, guys, but also even grosser than Lolita. I can no longer say I’ve never read an incestuous hand job scene.

  7. Today is the first day this week I have not been hungover at work, so that was nice. It’s also the first day this week I can go home after work which is exciting as I am an introvert. ALSO Minneapolis Monsters, there is a Paper Darts event tomorrow evening at the MIA and it looks really fun.

  8. My day is pretty okay. I walked home from work because the weather wasn’t horrible and that was very pleasant. I am back in my old office with natural light and privacy, getting lots of work done, and the guy who lives above the office was listening to opera all day which was wonderful. I told a mutual friend that my crush offered to lend me money when he found out I was burgled and he says that if he is trying to take care of me that is a sure sign that he wants to have all sorts of babies with me. I sat in on a grad school class on Monday and boy oh boy did I ever make the right decision NOT going to grad school. Nothing like spending 3 hours listening to people trying to prove they’re more clever than their classmates in a discussion on the applicability of realist analysis to public policy making to drive that point home! So I feel pretty good about my life choices in general today. Also, Catticus Maximus slept in my arms last night and didn’t fart even once.

  9. I almost ate a hot dog but made pasta instead.

  10. I woke up in an inexplicably good mood today, and I walked to the train with a spring in my step. But then my spirits were crushed by the most frustrating commute of my life. Chicago people probably (might) know what I’m talking about. 75% of the train lines were super delayed because of problems with the signals downtown, so I had to get off my train four stops away from my destination, take a different line one stop in the opposite direction, and then get on the most crowded train I’ve ever been on to take yet another line downtown to a stop that was not even remotely close to my office. So I was really late to work and now I have to stay late to make up the time.

    BUT who cares, I went shopping at lunch and got a pretty cardigan and I have my music class tonight and that is always fun and most importantly, I am really excited because I am having my parents’ old piano moved into my apartment next week! It will be very expensive to get it there but I love it so much that I am only a little bit stressed about the money part.

    • Yeah, there were a lot of people late today. Oh CTA, you really suck sometimes. On Monday I got on my train but then it sat at Damen because of problems. Then the conductor was like “we are now running express to Clark/Lake.” I get off at grand (one stop before), so I had to get off the train and wait for two more to go by before I could get on a new one. Made me cranky.

      • Isn’t it lovely to have all of these transit problems right after the fare increase?

        • my favorite was last Friday when the brakes started smoking so the cars filled with burnt rubber fumes.

          I’ve been on public transit in so many cities that at this point I don’t think there is any GOOD public transit. There is only less bad and tolerable.

  11. I’m sick for the millionth day in a row and hibernating deep within my bedstuffs, but that’s incredibly boring, so instead I’d like to ask if you guys have read the Deadspin article on Manti Te’o yet and want to talk about it, because a) it’s amazing and b) when I was a young young person, I had an internet boyfriend that “died of cancer,” which makes this story even MORE amazing for me personally, because I think that was already a gauche and transparent move 13 or so years ago. (To be clear, my internet boyfriend was a real person who did not really die of cancer, not a totally fake thing I invented in high school).

    • Whoooops sorry about not seeing your mention of that article first. I read it! I was transfixed! Did you see that Notre Dame has responded by claiming Manti was the victim of a hoax? Come on, guys. No one’s buying it.

      • I wonder if it’s going to turn into this: http://jezebel.com/kimi-kobayashi/
        Also, someone on that Deadspin article left a comment wondering if Te’o's relationship with this fake lady/real dude wasn’t in fact a really elaborate and poorly-conceived way of cloaking that the two dudes were romantically involved, which has me all “Michael Jackson eating popcorn dot gif”-ing it up over here.

    • And oh, no, you had internet when you were young? I must be so much older than you. But what happened with the guy? He pretended to die of cancer, or you told people that he’d died?

      • He pretended to die, and we had internet from the mid-90s on because my parents both worked in IT for a local university. Still, I had to wait something like 5 years or so for facebook to become a thing and get somewhat widespread before I had definitive proof the guy was alive, though I’d been pretty sure for the whole time (no obituaries, etc, other people who knew us both from the online community we met in never really believed it was real).
        What’s even better is, at the time that Internet Boyfriend was “dying,” he “introduced” me to his “best friend,” who happened to have the exact same grammar pattern and sense of humor he did, and that persona kept messaging me online for a few years after person #1 had supposedly died. Why, I still have no idea.

  12. It was great! I got to hang out with one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a really long time. We drank and talked about what we were reading. Plus, I don’t feel like death from the flu anymore! Hooray health! Finally, I concluded today that I absolutely need a new pet. But I can’t have a cat or a dog where I live now. Any suggestions for small creatures?

  13. It’s been cold for weeks and I can’t take it much longer, but we’re all having a better day than Manti Te’o! Wowowow, did you guys read that story? It’s super long but just as fascinating. You gotta read it. http://deadsp.in/URkypN

  14. My day was/is okay! I have a cold so I’m working from home, which is nice because I don’t have to wear a bra but is not so nice because I can never motivate myself to get as much done as I could/should.

    I took a break in the afternoon to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and the guy in front of me paid with a debit card but it kept showing up as EBT. He and the cashier spent about 10 minutes flipping out about it in a very circular way, until a manager came over and took the guy aside to sort it out. I don’t really know what the big deal was.

    • ps here is a re-enactment of the ordeal:

      Customer: But I don’t have food stamps!
      Cashier: But it’s showing up as food stamps!
      [repeat 100 times]

  15. I’m pretty much sure my turtle is dead (I’m not sure how to know these things for sure) after 9-1/2 years together. I also live in an apartment in downtown Philadelphia. My mom insists I stick him in my freezer until I can bury him in the suburbs, my only other option being to send him off viking-style in the dirty Schuylkill River. I’m not sure which is the least gross/disturbing option.

    • I’m sorry. Poor little guy.

    • My old roommate once was sent down to the basement in her best friend’s house to get something from the big freezer down there, and when she opened the freezer not only was there ice cream and meat and normal stuff, but also the family’s dead cat, which they were keeping preserved in there until the spring thaw when they could bury it.

    • When my epic, long-lived goldfish died in the winter we read him his last rites and gave him a Viking burial. It was beautiful.

      • I had a fish named Gob summer of freshman year of college who got sucked into his filter in a freak accident and died. My 3 sisters and I decided to give him a viking burial and enlisted the salad-maker at the restaurant where 3 of us worked to build the boat. Then we coated it in hairspray and did a funeral march to “The Final Countdown” (but the ringtone version, not the full song) walking him down to the bay.

        Apparently after a few minutes hairspray stops being flammable, so, I’m standing knee deep in water trying to light the paper boat holding my dead fish surrounded by friends and family (like 5 of us) and this young guy runs up to us, splashing through the water “Yo – are you sparking a bowl? I brought chips” man was he surprised when I responded by presenting him my dead fish and explaining that no, we were not smoking drugs at sunset on a public family beach.

        Long story short, we called my dad and he brought something more flammable and then we sent Gob out to sea, which was probably not good for the ozone layer. Sorry, Gob and the Earth.

  16. I am still at work and will be for a bit, because lots of projects. I am a bit stressed because there are two huge presentations tomorrow that I have to finish up. Ugh.

    Also, my new bike is sitting in it’s box by my desk and I won’t have time to build it until tomorrow afternoon. It’s killing me. I just want my bike and no work!

    But overall, everything is dandy. I like being busy, I just wish it was stuff I was more invested in.

  17. I had a burger from Carl’s Jr. for lunch and now I am regretting that decision. “EAT LIKE YOU MEAN IT”, indeed.

  18. Im very annoyed at everything today. I am pmsing though. last night i went to the store and bought a bunch of candy and the asshole kid who always makes comments about my purchases said something and i almost killed him. I’m going to a manicure and pedicure tonight.

  19. The weather here is gross. Rainy, cold, and windy. But they are calling for snow tomorrow, and I am so excited! Only two inches, but when you rarely see snow as it is, any snow is exciting. Also, I read stories and sang songs about snow for four different groups in the past two days, so I definitely willed it into snowing. I am also five days into a new workout program. It is really hard, but I have made a promise to myself to stick with it and not making excuses like I have in the past. And I get to see friends from college this weekend and I can’t wait!

  20. My internship interview was postponed until next week, and while the reason seems legit (one of the curators has a funeral to attend) I still can’t help but feel bummed. On the plus side, I made a tasty spinach salad for dinner!

  21. I still hate winter, but I’m going to a place on Friday where they claim it will be mid-sixties and filled with wine. It’s called wine country. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like it has some promise.

    Also my best friend here has been visiting after leaving for a little while. I’m so happy to have her back, but when she leaves again, it’s for good… or at least a few years. I might hide her stuff so she can’t leave. I think it’s the mature decision. She’s moving to Montgomery, Alabama… so we spent much of last night researching goofy information about Montgomery and Alabama in general and making up reasonable fish-out-of-water scenarios about life there as a Yankee, most of which involve having a really good-looking neighbor that comes by to help her with her inevitable gator problem. I also showed her the stunning CW documentary Hart of Dixie so she could get a feel for The REAL South. But if anyone lives in Montgomery or has actual tips not from Summer Roberts as a big city doctor in the small town of BlueBell, she’d love to hear them.

    But, seriously, I’m so sick of this cold weather. It’s making me crazy.

  22. I’ve had a pretty satisfying day, Kelly. Thanks for asking! We’re having a weight loss challenge at work and I lost a pound since last week, which I’m super happy about. I found out that a task I don’t care for at all is being given to someone else (YES!), and I got quite a bit accomplished today. Now I’m home, eating my baked chicken and salad for supper and catching up on VG. I haven’t had a chance to check in all day. And the weather? Well, I don’t know if this counts as weather, but we had an absolutely beautiful sunset tonight here in southern Indiana. People are going nuts with the photos on FB.

  23. I found out today my work trip to Brazil got postponed until the end of March due to visa problems. Which, is a pain, but can I complain about that really? I get to go to Brazil. And I also learned this:

    visa fees vary according to the nationality of the passport holder: United States: USD 160.00, charged in reciprocity for an identical fee paid by Brazilian citizens who apply for a visa to the U.S.;

    So good for them, but as a New Yorker, I don’t think of myself as American. So I don’t think I should have to pay this fee, although I’m not really paying for it. But whatever. Also there were a lot of fancy ladies at the Brazilian consulate being super bougey and saying all kinds of funny things rich people say who feel privileged (I can understand a lot of Portuguese because I speak Spanish).

  24. Today was meh but better than could be expected. At first I thought I was going to have to sit in a mostly unfurnished office for 4 hours (on a step ladder) waiting for IKEA to deliver some desks, but it turned out that the delivery guys got there before I did and it only took like an hour total. Otherwise it was a pretty average work day though I have like a LOT of mail to stamp and no time to do it because I have been doing things for a client who is moving into the aforementioned office soon. Hopefully tomorrow will be better (though I have some things to do for a large portion of the day) and I will have time to get all these darned letters out…

  25. My girlfriend broke up with me for the second time in two weeks. Huzzah.

  26. I bought comics and read them while doing laundry. My new work schedule now makes Wednesdays my Sundays. Had bought some new sheets and pillows and put them on the old bed today. Looking forward to sleeping in them a little later.

    Listened to Nerd Poker: Dungeons & Dragons w/Brian Posehn and Friends, which made me happy but also melancholy that my new work schedule makes it impossible to attend Sunday D&D games at Meltdown.

  27. It is very late, but I had a pretty good day. It started out with a department-wide mid-year review that was a zillion hours long, so that I had to cram a lot of work into the last two hours in the day. But then I went ice skaaaaating, although it was really just ice watching. And then we went out to drinks, and maybe I’m inappropriately drunk for a Wednesday, esp considering I have to get up early tomorrow to watch Bob Ross.

    But! I think my Andy Botwin make-out buddy booty texted me this evening, and tomorrow after work I get to put together a new Ikea table. Exciting things to look forward to.

  28. We are on shortened hours at work so everyone is here at the same time which is weird and boring. Everyone who works with the customers is feeling sick. I’ve been falling asleep pretty much as soon as I get home and then wake up around 9-10PM all week and have trouble getting back to sleep. On the plus side I watch Doctor Who until I get sleepy again.

    I’ve decided to clean out my bookshelves. I am reading the many books I acquired over the years but never read. I wanted to donate the ones I don’t like to the public library but the only public library that will take them is the dept. of corrections branch. Did you know they ask for supernatural romance books? Well, that copy of Twilight I now regret getting is going to go to good use.

    I got on the subway to go home and it reeked of weed and like 10 other bad smells to create olfactory hell. Like it was weed and of all things, bad old lady’s perfume. I just felt like noting this because these are 2 smells you don’t normally find on the subway, but somehow combined are equally as awful as the things you normally do find on the subway.

    This is more of a How was your week thing, but I am both angry and apprehensive that my boss has decided to do nothing about our paranoid schizophrenic customer who is growing increasingly more paranoid and/or delusional. We’re pissed because my supervisor complained to my boss, because you know, we all know what the possibility is of a mental ill person who walks around with a giant shopping bag complaining about gangs coming after her and that they are going to come to my job and spy on her when she’s not there (she may actually be carrying a weapon in her bag the whole time and we wouldn’t know until it was too late) . I’ve warned my loved ones that if something bad were to happen to me, to make sure to know my boss was aware and decided to do absolutely nothing. To repeat, absolutely nothing. In this freaking day and age! BLARGH!!!
    I found out this morning that the head of our company makes 35 times more cheddar than I do and is actually on a list of highest paid (some say overpaid) people in his profession. Depressing.

    On the plus side I am going to happy hour tomorrow with some friends, and it’s almost the end of the week. I bought 2 bottles of my favorite ale and am waiting for school to start again next week to crack them open, some small incentive to look forward to school starting again. I was so glad to find out I could by them practically 5 minutes from work and that I don’t have to schlep all the way to the Bowery-Chinatown crossroads to pick it up. I didn’t drank alcohol until after college so it’s like a weird learning experience. My friends started me with craft beer, so at a Xmas party I drank my first ever Budweiser and was so disgusted I couldn’t get passed like 4 sips. I’ve been spoiled.

    Random question: What is your favorite drink?

    Oh and a recap of last week’s How was your day? :
    I got a plate of delicious pad thai that was so big, it was like giving an adult meal to a toddler. I ate as much as I could, but the vodka tonic I had earlier did not do me any favors. There were also little, fried chive cakes which came with a dipping sauce. Also, it was the first time I had a vodka tonic and it was good! I had a great time hanging out with my friends.

  29. Yesterday was pretty okay. I had a filling at the dentist’s office and it’s rainy here so there’s lots of annoying stuff associated with that. Work was pretty good and then a slow-cooker dinner I made turned out to not be terrible. So far I haven’t had much luck with slow-cooker soups but it was pretty easy so whatever. Lately I’ve been feeling pretty bummed because none of my friends live in the same town and the ladies I know are nice sometimes, but can also be pretty…well, let’s say “not my style of friend” so I’ve been feeling like I don’t have friends which SUCKS but I think I can work on it. I joined a book club awhile ago to make friends but quit after not that long because I found the books were not at all what I liked to read but now I’m wishing I had stayed because some of the ladies seemed cool.

  30. i missed this yesterday because my friends’ band contacted me on tuesday regarding a few sample directions of album covers they had asked me to design for them, saying they loved them (well, one of them) and were choosing me to do their artwork but that they needed the completed cover by wednesday morning at the latest, so i had to scramble to finish it. i’m excited about it, because they’re a much better band than my dumb band and are definitely going places, but i’m also kinda bummed because apparently graphic design work means doing one design you really like and then several variations thereof than you like less and less, and then having the client pick the one you like the least.

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