It’s always very disappointing when ideas that sound so good in your head don’t pan out in reality. “I’ll just set one alarm today for earlier than normal and trust that I won’t turn it off instead of snoozing it, and then I’ll wake up early and get a bunch of work done ” is one example. “I’m going to jump on a trampoline,” is another example. “I’m going to make a homemade, very dangerous version of something that is already a little risky and then put it way too high off of the ground without any padding underneath and, actually, I’ll just put it over concrete and some pipes,” is perhaps the most pertinent right now. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. “Homemade Mechanical Bull Accident” is redundant. You could have just said “Homemade Mechanical Bull.”

  2. Considering the title of this post, everything worked out a lot better than I was fearing it would.

  3. This clip proves the age-old truth that watching your friend fall precariously off a homemade riding bull onto concrete is STILL very hilarious.

  4. The symbolism in this video is almost too perfect. Sometimes you try to take life by the horns, but you grab at nothing and end up with your face on the floor.

  5. To be fair, he did about as good as most people do on a normal mechanical bull.

  6. I speak Spanish you guys. They said “Did you hear Anne Hathaway say ‘I don’t mean to be gauche’ at the Golden Globes”? and the other guy (riding the bull said). “Stop you’re making me laugh” and the guy on the ground said “Which is funnier? Anne or Taylor Swift’s face when she lost?” – See it had NOTHING to do with him falling!

  7. They could’ve avoided this whole accident if all his buddies had just laid down on the ground side by side to act as a cushion. THINK THINGS THROUGH, PEOPLE.

  8. Even given the disappointing results, I’d still say it was a pretty bulld attempt.

  9. Mess with the barrel, you get the driveway.

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