0:03: Oh wow, this video is nine minutes long? Man, I love cute videos more than most people, probably, (though actually that is probably not true, I probably like them a normal amount compared to some weirdos out there on the Internet) (but compared to the amount a normal person likes cute videos I at least most likely like them a bit more) (if nothing else I at least spend more time watching them, because it’s part of my job) (you cannot take that away from me) but nine whole minutes of a young girl eating some of the world’s various dishes? I don’t know about that.
0:30: Oh, you get to see Rino’s mom cooking the food, too? That is good. This is good. This food looks great.
2:11: Ugh, this baby knows how to use chopsticks and I have no idea.
2:49: Oh my god this is adorable.
3:18: Oh my god the bibimbap is in a panda bowl and she is loving it.
3:38: Oh my god she is eating the japchae with her entire face.

7:12: How long have I been watching this? Two seconds? If feels like two seconds. I could watch Rino eat various dishes of the world forever.
8:12: She eats so fearlessly. She is so much better than other babies. Aside from the fact that her parents are putting her on YouTube they seem to really know what they are doing.
9:20: ooooh, there are more of these!
9:25: 19 MORE!!!!!!
9:39: Oh but also there are, like, a thousand more videos of just the girl and her brother doing other stuff?
9:41: This is maybe weird.
9:43: I’ll just watch a few.

Scene. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Seriously though, bibimbap is the bibimbest.

    • What’s a robot’s favorite food?

      BI-BIIIIM-BAP (said in a robotic voice)

      If you guys want to hear more Korean jokes that only make sense if you know Korean and English, let me know!

      • Oh, do you have one for Beondegi??!?

      • Actually I’m just going for it.

        What do you get when you cross a cow, a bird, and a rat?
        A sausage! (Korean for cow, bird, and rat, are so, sae, and ji, and sosaeji is how you say sausage!)

        What did the bus driver say to the egg?
        Get on! (Korean for egg is gyaeran, which sounds like get on!)

        Why did the smoker go to the racetrack?
        Mal eul bo ro! (This means “to see the horses” but it also sounds like Marlborough!)

        Who is the worst son in all of France?
        Emile Zola! (In Korea his name is pronounced emil jolla, which means to strangle your mother!)

        What did the peanut butter say to the bread?
        Jaem i upso! (Korean for “there’s no jam” AND “this is no fun”!)

        What do you call nureungji (crispy burnt rice) in English?
        Bobby Brown! (Said “bap i brown” which means “the rice is brown”!)

        Hope you enjoyed!

      • Have you seen the Korean miniseries Full House? They make a ton of jokes there that I really think lose a lot in translation, because I do NOT get them.

    • What about Bulgogreatest?

  2. Due to me being a degenerate and sleeping in until I have the absolute bare minimum of time to get ready before work in the morning, and my distaste for a lot of breakfast food (don’t kill yourselves I still like bacon), I rarely eat breakfast during the week. So posting this video 30 min before my lunch is a cruel, sick joke, Kelly. One I will not forget.

  3. Also, this kid is kind of a tyrant. A very cute tyrant, but a tyrant nonetheless. Her dad asks her if he can have some food, and she gives him like two scraps of seaweed. He asks her for some rice and she says, “NO!” like multiple times.

  4. I’m in awe of her mom’s knife skills. I couldn’t chop up veggies like that if my life depended on it.

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