We’ve been a little space crazy in the past week or so here at Videogum and I’m not entirely sure why. Is it because we’ve been tasked to clutter your life with information about living in space so when the idea is really proposed to you you will not find it so off-putting and then you will move to space, leaving Earth only a few of us in the blogging community, because Earth is too crowded and we’re sick of it? And we definitely don’t even like each other, so once most of everyone else is up in space we’re just going to spread out and live the rest of our lives alone? Who knows! All I know is that this isn’t a photo, it’s a video, and that you have to caption it anyway!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and a first class seat on the first ship outta here! (Via Buzzfeed.)

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  1. When it comes to proper grooming., he’s nailed it.

  2. Cool, but how does he then paint them?

  3. In space, no one can hear you groom.*

    *nailed it

  4. Can’t wait for the sequel, “Mustache Trimming in Space”

  5. Is this the update of Extreme Makeover?

  6. I hope this is part of a series. I’m really interested to see the episode on mustache trimming.

  7. You guys, do you think he’s nailing Suni? I think she’s out of his league, but things get crazy on #MarsOne. Can’t wait for it to air! #2023

  8. Fascinating and disgusting at the same time. Thanks, Canadian Space Agency!

  9. I can’t wait til they show the one where he trims his moustache.

  10. As far as dating service videos go I guess it’s all right, you just wouldn’t think an astronaut who plays the guitar would need to make one.

  11. He’s trimming his fingernails so he can play guitar? Oh boy. You know what’s worse than when you’re at a party and someone pulls out an acoustic guitar and starts singing? BEING TRAPPED IN SPACE WITH THAT GUY.

  12. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone on the ISS spends 95% of their time making videos?

  13. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.

  14. Astronauts! They’re just like bored teenagers with youtube channels!

  15. “Hey, Guitar Hero, could you PLEASE vacuum your fingernails out of the air vent IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting until later in the week?” — all the other astronauts

  16. I for one welcome our alien overlords. As long as they teach me to keep my nails trim.

  17. a great clip from the space ship!

  18. Man I wish they had those air ducts on the city bus.

  19. Hey, that’s almost the same way I clip my nails! Except I use a month-old pizza box instead of an air vent, and I live in a studio apartment instead of a spaceship.

  20. when I think about space I start to feel like a rhino is sitting on my chest.

  21. I have nothing snarky to say about this video because I’m super in love with Commander Hadfield even though he’s Canadian. He tweeted Starfleet! From space! *heart*

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