GOTCHA! Hahaha. Oh man. You were like, “A police chase video that doesn’t end in any surprises or anything? Thank goodness. I’ve had it up to you know where with surprises for today. This is going to be very chill.” And then it was just like, BAM! MAJOR SURPRISE, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! #gotcha (Via JoeMande.)

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  1. ummm where is the surprise? i was expecting the car to crash into the house watching the news or for it to be a ghost driving the car all along

    life is disappointment

  2. Same thing happened to me when I watched Jurrasic Park!

  3. I’ll wait for them to update this surprise police chase for when it’s in space.

  4. I was not expecting the police car to be his childhood sled!

  5. Inglewood may be up to no good, but this video was very good! #2pacisstillalive

    • We live right off of an Englewood. Every time we drive down it, my husband enjoys reminding me that, in fact, “Englewood’s always up to no good.” Every. Time.

      • Artdork, I don’t want to scare you, but I think you live in my old neighborhood.

        • Oh. My. God. We live off of Chiswick.

          • I USED TO LIVE ON CHISWICK. Are you past me, except into art and married?!??!?!?!

          • Ok. Now I’m freaking out. How long ago did you live on Chiswick? Do you know Mike, the random guy that lives in my building and that everyone knows? WHO DO YOU WORK FOR, MAN!?!?

          • And I think we’ve got a weird, Lake House thing going on here. That’s the only possible answer.

          • Does Mike ride a bicycle? Does he have weird stringy curly strawberry blonde hair? Does he have a cat whose name is either “Chiswick” or “Boobsie” depending on what Mike’s on when you ask him?

            I moved about a year an a half ago. And now I’m in my new apartment, curled into a ball and crying because everything I knew about the universe is wrong.

          • Yes to all of those things!!!! Weird……and to think, we wouldn’t have been brought together without the magic of Videogum.

          • Oh my poop. All I can tell you is that if Mike ever invites you over to his apartment to watch tapes of his stand-up comedy routine, DO NOT GO.

            Also, if by some miracle you moved into my old apartment, I am very sorry about how we left it. We were very tired when we moved out. :(

            Enjoy the neighborhood–it’s not so bad!

          • Well, we just moved in 6 months ago, so I doubt that we are in your old apartment. (or are we??) And we have fairly successfully avoided Mike and his stand up routines. Although he is still walking around with a tape recorder. He invited us to an open mike night at Roggies. We were “busy.”

        • And, although the effects of my New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone marathon has worn off, I can’t help but feel like Rod Serling is going to walk into my living room, smoking, and tell me I live in a little neighborhood called, The Twilight Zone.

  6. Here’s a question: Who films a police chase on the news? I don’t think this was fake, but why was this person filming the new on his or her tv?

    • It seems to be a fairly common, weird compulsion people have. There’s TONS of videos on Youtube that are people taping something on TV with their phone.

      One time when I was in high school I was volunteered to install a CD-RW drive for a guy who my parents knew from church. He bought it specifically to back up the pictures of his TV that were filling up his hard drive. Mostly pictures of basketball games.

      I… I still don’t get it.

    • Also, he was probably aware that this was in his neighborhood, so that would make it extra vid-worthy for him.

  7. Don’t mean to be gauche guys, but there wasn’t a surprise here.

  8. This was what I was expecting:
    1. the driver to get caught on line at the drive-thru at Taco Bell
    b. the driver to throw firecrackers and/or roadside flares out his window.
    iii. the car to crash through that guy’s house.
    4. more emotion from the guy in the policicopter.

    Why was he recording it? What a fine day to test out his new whatever-that-recording-device is.

  9. “The surprise is that someone thought these curtains were a good idea.” — Paul Llynde Wrong

  10. The surprise is that the driver was a real hero.

  11. Did you miss the part where the chase went from being filmed on tv to right past the person filming’s window? That was awesome.

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