America’s Most Important Restaurant, and the eatery that taught all the other eateries how to name themselves, the Wahlberg family’s hamburger restaurant, WAHLBURGERS, is going to be the subject of a reality show? Who knew! Some people, I think. But now all of us! From Grubstreet:

That reality show we told you about featuring Wahlburgers’ Chef Paul Wahlberg and his celebrity siblings Mark and Donnie begins taping tomorrow, according to the Boston Globe. The show is all about what it takes to run a successful restaurant — despite recent woes. Wahlburgers has been in the news lately thanks to a lawsuit alleging that ex-manager Ed St. Croix did an “abysmal” job and the arrest of CEO Rick Vanzura for midday drunk-driving.

“Thalia, do you accept this burger?” That is me imagining that this is going to be like the Bachelor. I know it isn’t, and I will love it for whatever it is, because Wahlburgers, but I do kind of wish that it was Paul Wahlberg explaining how hard it is to find love when you are so busy running the most important hamburger restaurant in the country, and, like, each week the ladies compete to see who can get a one-on-one date with Paul, which happens at Wahlburgers. You know what is a fun word to say? Wahlburgers.

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  1. It’s too bad the name “Kitchen Nightmares” is already taken.

  2. I can’t wait for all the Mark Whalberg fans to show up there and wait for hours for Mark Whalberg to show up only to be disappointed! I also can’t wait for the times Mark Whalberg DOES show up and go up to each table and ask, “How’s your Whalburgah?”

    • Forgive me, Wahlbergs, for never bothering to learn how to spell your last name at any point in the million years your whole family’s been famous.


  4. Dear Paul Wahlberg, may I call you Paulberg? Because I’m definitely going to anyway.

  5. I think they should set this restaurant in Tehran, where there’s a friendlier atmosphere! (GET IT? BOSTON Golden Globes ref joke)

  6. Ed St. Croix is not a real name

  7. So I’ve been in Boston 6 months now and have yet to meet a Wahlberg. I thought this place was lousy with them!

  8. You can legitimately sue people for being “abysmal”?

  9. I feel like every time someone sends their meal back, Marky Mark is like “yo, if I had been in the kitchen, it wouldn’t have gone down like that.”

  10. It’s going to be like a weird Entourage, but they’re all kind of Turtle.

  11. If Mark doesn’t show up at every Wahlburgers and drop trou, this is just a waste of everyone’s time.

  12. and im here in south america too far away , im dying for a wahlburger :(
    i love wahlberg’s brothers ♥

  13. Anyone remember “Where’s the beef?”

  14. my inner 13 year old insanity level +1 NKOTB fan requires me to watch. DONNIE 4EVER.

  15. Glad I already went there. I wouldn’t look too good on TV spitting out a practically raw turkey burger.

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