It’s really more of a sneak peek than a trailer, I guess, but what are you going to do? Call the cops on me? FOR THAT? Relax. Relax and catch your first glimpse of the Dan Harmon-less Community, if you dare!!

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  1. My company has Youtube blocked, so can someone just tell me if Dan Harmon being gone reduces the number of heavy handed and minorly condescending jokes there are about how nobody truly appreciates the unfaltering genius that is Community?

  2. I am re-watching Community seasons 1 – 3. I wish that the characters were more nuanced because even though the writing and acting is great I don’t actually care about anything that happens. It’s like watching Scooby Doo and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    I’ll still watch season 4 though.

  3. “I don’t mind you calling it a ‘trailer’ but I REALLY mind you calling this UTTER HARMON-LESS MOCKERY by the name ‘Community’.” – an internet person who hasn’t lost his integrity

  4. Hmm. I would be willing to give Dan Harmon the benefit of the doubt on a concept like the Hunger Deans…do I trust these new nobodies to not just try to fake wacky/meta/Harmon like they’re diet Snapple? I do not know.

  5. This clip has somehow combined my worst fears and highest hopes of a Dan Harmon-less Community. Well done?

  6. All the haters need to relax. The worst case scenario is that this season is a little bit off from the last 3 and the show ends up getting canned at the end of this season which, come on, pretty much everyone expects anyway. The best case scenario is that the show is GREAT, perhaps even BETTER than the last 3 seasons, and it just keeps getting better and better in perpetuity. Either way, we get more Community, we get more Abed, we get more Troy, we get more Annie’s Boobs, we get a little more joy for the next couple of months. Let’s just try to be happy about that!

  7. As long as Jim Rash continues to wear amazing and disturbing outfits, I am on board with this show.

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