• This is just a picture of Bill Murray and Kristen Wiig sharing a dance at last night’s Time Warner Cable Golden Globes Party -@ScottFeinberg
  • Jennifer Lawrence’s “I beat Meryl!” line during her Golden Globe acceptance speech was a quote from First Wives Club, because we all watch that movie SO much and walk around quoting First Wives Club ALL the time and we would DEFINITELY 100% understand that reference and not just think she was being impertinent, right? RIGHT? -MTV
  • What If Girls Was A Horror Movie? -TheWeek
  • Jodie Foster At The Golden Globes vs. Clint Eastwood At The RNC -IndecisionForever
  • The White House Explains Why It Isn’t Building A Death Star -/Film
  • Tommy Lee Jones Is Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat Is Tommy Lee Jones -FilmDrunk
  • Julie Klausner talks to Carrie Brownstein on How Was Your Week? -HowWasYourWeek
  • Golden Globes Ratings Best Since 2007, Revenge and Happy Endings Hit Lows -Deadline
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  1. I already liked J-Law’s speech, but finding out about that reference makes me like her even more.

  2. Do you guys think Donald Glover being on the premier of Girls last night will make people hate the show even more?

  3. All I learned from that link is that America’s Funniest Home Videos is still on television. I think their motto is: AFHV: YouTube? What’s YouTube?

  4. did anyone else notice how out of order last nights happy endings episode was? I think it was filmed last season, it really bugged me.

  5. “Julie Klausner talks to Carrie Brownstein on How Was Your Week? AND name drops Videogum Monster stephcha and her basset hound at the end of the show”

    Fixed that for you, Mary. ^_^

  6. Impertinent? Geez, chill out…..she was being funny!

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