• “The Biggest Movie Of 2013 Is Dog President: The fake movie that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey fake-starred in at The Golden Globes should win all the awards.” Dog for president! -BuzzFeed
  • 50 Ways to Know You’re a Hopeless Breaking Bad Addict -WhatCulture
  • True Facts About Morgan Freeman: just kidding, actually, none of these facts are true! That’s okay though. -LaughingSquid
  • Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s daughters have combination Australian & Southern US accents. Let us hear them! Let us! -Wonderwall
  • Live Action Toy Story: A Remake Using Actors And Toys -TheHighDefinite
  • Deleted scene from This Is 40: Maude Apatow in “Who’s Your Favorite Kardashian?” -FunnyOrDie
  • During a recent guest appearance on The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel showed Ellen a video of a baby elephant he met on safari. Jimmy thinks this elephant is soooo cute but we think it’s just pretty cute. -Ellen


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  1. I bet Nicole Kidman’s daughters’ accents aren’t as ridiculous as Quentin Tarantino’s in Django Unchained.

  2. I kind of wish they make that movie because I will watch any movie where a dog’s a star but doesn’t die (Like Marley & Me, etc)

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