The Golden Globes are here! The Golden Globes are here! And Ricky Gervais is NOT hosting them! (I’ve finally been catching up on The Thick Of It, the Armando Iannuci series, which you can watch in its entirety for free on Hulu. Also, have you seen Four Lions? That is easily one of the best movies of the past 10 years. I’m just saying: Ricky Gervais is bunk!) Come back on Sunday when hopefully the website will actually be working, and let’s have a good old Videogum Video Pizza Party to celebrate this wonderful and glamorous (and IMPORTANT!) event.

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  1. I’d forgotten about Four Lions, but as soon as you reminded me I remembered that it’s one of the best movies! Everybody watch it!

  2. Also we’re chatting:

  3. ugh. this almost makes me want to watch an awards show.


  5. Rubber dinghy rapids!!!

  6. Best part of the golden globes on the west coast is they will be over by 8pm

    • Dear cthulhu I hope it’ll be over quickly. Now that I’m working Sundays I am present, front and center for dealing with the distribution of all the red carpet nonsense internationally. This weekend will be my first time, and it’s a BFD to get live stuff right. I hate awards season anyway, and now I have to deal with all the pomp and circumstance as part of my job.

      All I know is there better be a Matrix bullet-time-cam again. It’s so ridiculous for taking 360 degree snapshots of celebrities in designer clothes, but at least it’s fun technology. The opposite of this kind of frivolous thing was the mini-red-carpet model made up for ladies to finger walk their manicures or whatever. SO DUMB

  7. Party! Pizza party!

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