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  1. There’s a lot of Wes Anderson represented in that Bill Murray chalk mural. A Bob Harris would’ve been a nice addition (or a What About Bob?).

  2. Re: the Gandalf chart, does anyone think that the “Eagles-solve-everything” storytelling problem isn’t so problematic? That line of thinking seems to ignore the distinct possiblity that the Eagles have their own shit to deal with and they’re not Gandalf’s monkeys.

    • People love pointing out the eagles thing, heck, I did it back in ’03, but I believe there is a reason why he can’t call them all the time or something, it might be in the books maybe(?), but I have no idea what that reason is. It just seems so glaring a thing that there has to be justification for it.

      Even in the Wizard of Oz, the flying monkeys responded to a crown, and you could only summon them three times before the crown went to someone else. So if it’s a limited use thing, then you’ve really got to pick your spots. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy did use the crown to have the monkeys fly her party to somewhere important, if I’m recalling correctly.

  3. I just caught Station Agent on tv a few weeks ago, and I ended up sitting down and watching the whole thing. It’s even more delightful that I’d remembered, which is saying a lot. Patricia Clarkson in that and Pieces of April? Give me a break, she’s amazing.

    • It’s where I first saw Peter Dinklege (sp?) and he was so amazing that I hoped he would get more projects.

    • I just saw it for the first time pretty recently. Everyone in it is just so good, and it is really sweet without being syrupy. Also, my love of Patricia Clarkson was further cemented by her role as Tammy 1. So terrifying, but so awesome.

  4. The celebrities reading mean tweets is great in general but our friends Adam Scott and Bryan Cranston are in this one and they are so great.

  5. Seth MacFarlane’s Uncensored Oscar Announcement: Just The “Jokes”

    fixed it for you.


    In addition to be the best at drawing, Justin also gets paid to hang out with dogs all day. So, yes, he is pretty much the best. Also, I lied about the capslock, but not about the excitement.

  7. Here: http://www.blogto.com/bars/unlovable-toronto But I am a terrible friend who did not see it in person because of how it was outside my apartment.

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