• Anne Hathaway had a wardrobe malfunction at The Critics’ Choice Awards, but luckily JGL was there with one of his hitrecord pins to save the day. HOW CONVENIENT! -HitRecordJoe
  • From The Vault: The Oral History Of The Warriors -TheFader
  • Just A Bunch Of Animated GIFs Of Bobby Flay Working Out -Eater
  • Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein delight The View gals -Hulu
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks to Anthony Bourdain on StarTalk -Nerdist
  • Folks are Al Roker-ing themselves over this early 30 Rock pilot (Rachel Dratch plays “Jenna DeCarlo”) -BuzzFeed
  • Soul Men: The Making of The Blues Brothers (spolier alert: there was a budget for cocaine) -VanityFair
  • The Audacity of Lena Dunham, And Her Admirable Commitment To Making Us Look At Her Naked -xoJane
  • Have you experienced “Greg Rutter’s Definitve List Of The Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet In 2012 Unless You’re A Loser Or Old Or Something”? -YouShouldHaveSeenThis2012
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  1. I’m a fan of Lena Dunham. Sure she gets annoying as all celebs do, but she’s totally on about showing her body. Americans are way to uptight about this. It’s just a body and the fact that she’s not “stereotypical” what we normally see is awesome. My only wish is that some of her friends on the show weren’t as pretty – were a little more normal looking. But whatever, good for her.

  2. i’ve seen many of those videos on that list, all thanks to videogum!! Thanks for keeping me relevant and in-the-know!!!!

  3. I’d let JGL pin me anyday, amirite ladies *whistle*

    • I used to be a little bit in love with JGL. Like he was my first celebrity crush (“Angels in the Outfield, guys, he is so hot in that movie” – 7-year-old unjailable steph) and then I watched Brick in college and fell for him so hard. I’m not sure how normal it is for a dumb celebrity crush to come with real aches and longings, but this one did.

      Then, one day, I paid actual American dollars to watch a HitRecord show near my house. By this time, I was not QUITE as in love with him because I had grown up a bit more, but I was really excited to go see him. When I showed up with my friend and my boyfriend (now fiance), we discovered the audience was mostly female and mostly under 17. Then, we suffered through the show, which was just the most incredibly earnest collection of curated garbage. At one point, JGL led a singalong, with several audience members volunteering to take the stage. One of them was holding a cutout of JGL on a popsicle stick! Like one of those free fans you get at festivals!

      He also sang, and when he brought out his guitar, my boyfriend turned to me and said, “This is about to get real.” It wasn’t bad, actually, and kind of sweet.

      ANYWAY, I came out of the show with a newfound respect for JGL. He seemed like a really nice, earnest guy, who was genuinely interested in his fans and the good work they might add to the world. I was, however, cured of my crush.

      No one is reading this because VG is wonky and this comment is way long and this post has been quiet for hours, but HitRecord, guys. Oh man.

  4. I never saw it coming, but the Anne Hathaway crush train is bearing down on me hard…and I don’t want to be untied off the tracks.

  5. is xojane the worst?

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