Last night, Stephen Colbert finally came through with his own National Organization for Marriage (NOM NOM NOM) “Gathering Storm” commercial. (Guess all that teabagging stuff kept him busy this week.) And it was great, of course. He even gets in a dig at those horrible mercenary actors.

(Stephen sets it up for a few minutes, and the actual commercial starts at 3:25):

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“I won’t let them make you retroactively gay, Pee-Paw.”

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  1. It’s a shame they didn’t go with “National Organization for Helping Our Marriages Out”.

    Because NO HOMO would have been an awesome acronym.

  2. Well, I think Colbert was playing a bit unfairly. I mean, how could anyone not find that ripped black guy attractive?

  3. That was the best one I’ve seen so far. Als worth checking out is “Gathering Twister”:

  4. Why is Stephen Colbert holding Clint Eastwood’s high school picture at the end?

  5. Awesome! Smart humor. It’s amazing to be how stupid people will believe anything. Hitler did it. The KKK did it. Now, Pat Robertson. But I’m always reminded, people join AMWAY everyday. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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