Last night’s episode of 30 Rock wasn’t just funny but sort of a philosophical exploration of How We Live Now or whatever! After Liz got temporarily suspended last week for sexual harassment, a chance encounter with a wealthy neighbor introduces her to a whole new world of stress-free, mimosa-and-mani-pedi living, and she’s finally able to stop thinking about work. But soon she learns that life without meaningful work is a hell unto itself. This is just exactly like life, except for the sexual harassment part. Life lessons!

I’m a sucker for an Indigo Girls joke, so this made me die:

Liz learns the truth about lives of leisure:

And because I always neglect Tracy, this was his best line of the week: “Honesty and trust is very important in an entourage. Like that HBO show, John Adams.” There’s also a “why have I never thought of that” storyline about a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice awards parade of death montage. And it is strongly implied that Meredith Viera sexually harassed Kenneth the page. Just watch the whole thing on Hulu!

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  1. Yes, you ARE very Liz-and-Jack-centric, Lindz. Well, I’m just gonna call RACISM so Gabe doesn’t have to.

  2. Favorites (maybe of all 30 rock history) were surprisingly from Jenna (and random other character):

    ” Fine. I’ll temporarily put aside my feud with Raven Symone. SHE knows what she did.”

    “Before Jasmine Guy and I wrote our cookbook.”

    “What am I wearing? Taylor Dane for Express.”


  3. best line came from liz: what does frank’s hat say today?

    the cost-saving cast rationing on this show isn’t ruining things, but it’s hard to ignore. not sure we needed THAT much jenna.

  4. “Heavy is the head that eats the crayons”
    “Its pronounced Weiner-slave”
    “Its just like when Jackie Jormp-Jomp fought all those vampires at Woodstocks”
    “Backpack! Is Map in you?”

  5. I love how they set it up to seem like the divorcees had some sort of weird sexual/ swinger relationship which turned out to be a fight club. Then later Jack confronts Liz about why she came back to work and said “Let me guess. Lesbians?”

  6. Michael  |   Posted on Apr 17th, 2009 +3

    I really loved Jenna last night. she has been not given such awesome storylines, but this one was tops. still love Muffin Top, orchestral version.

    And what about Tracy Jordan’s Dancers?!

  7. Pushstar  |   Posted on Apr 17th, 2009 +11

    Hey – Don’t know if anybody caught when Liz Lemon lifted a line from Tracy’s Astronaut Jones Skit . . . .” Why don’t you drop out of them dockers and give me a piece of that sweet ass?”

  8. After a lacking week last week, it was great this time around. How many more shows until the end of the season?

  9. Mikey Shake  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 0

    Holy crap! I thought I was the only one who caught that Astronaut Jones reference!

    “Rocket… I’m taking a rocket…”

    Great. Now that’s going to be in my head all day.

  10. Mikey Shake  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 -2

    Holy crap! I thought I was the only one who caught that Astronaut Jones reference!

    “Rocket… I’m taking a rocket…”

    Great. Now that’s going to be in my head all day.

  11. PJ Beardsley  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2009 0

    Best Moments:

    Kenneth: I just found out that I have to report an office relationship to my direct supierior.
    Jack: Kenneth I’m not your direct superior. There are perhaps, 40 people between you and me

    Kenneth: Dot-Com, i forgot to get your extra mustard.
    (silent stare down)
    Tracy: ENOUGH!

    and of course: Wienerslave. Hi-larious

  12. tom  |   Posted on Apr 20th, 2009 +2

    am i the only one who thought liz’s first cocktail/massage/shopping sequence was genius? this smartly staged take doesnt even get a mention? geez!

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