A little strange how New York Times Magazine chose to just copy and paste “It goes perfectly” for 11 pages, but I guess they probably know what they’re doing.

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  1. “His wife, the actress Mary Beth Hurt, didn’t even finish the script, dismissing it as pornography after 50 pages.”

    50 PAGES! I once read a script for a pornographic movie i could tell it was porn pretty much on the first page.

  2. 11 pages? Are you kidding me? I get it, the printed word is dead, but the online word needs to be CONCISE!

    • I’m about halfway through, and it is a kind of glorious read. Like if it were a novel, I might buy it on a STRONG recommendation, and then once I read it I’d be like, “This is so unexpectedly great.”

      • Agreed. I rolled my eyes right out of my head when I saw this in my NYT RSS feed… but then I popped them back in, started reading, and couldn’t stop.

  3. I read a story the other day about how her house was picked for some redesign show on Bravo, then the network or designers or whomever IMMEDIATELY put the moves down to repossess everything they gave her for the show and my first reaction was “Who in their right minds would lease a house to this woman?” and then “Hahahaha. She’s probably stripped everything from the redesign already and sold it to someone else because she assumed it was a gift and needed the cash,” and then “she needs to get out of Hollywood” and then, finally, “Why didn’t you have stipulations in the design contract that the furniture and whatnot was only for filming??? Dummies.”

  4. Oh man I can’t even feel schadenfreude for her anymore. It’s just schadenschade.

  5. I don’t have time now, but I actually want to read all of this. It’s like a trashy novel.

  6. This is the best article.

    • I remember you writing a very good call to end all the hullaballoo around Lindsay Lohan a month or so back, and I whole-heartedly agree with that. But, then, that was before I knew such a marvelous piece of journalism could be written about her.

  7. Wow I just finished reading this and it is really great. Also I am now completely exhausted and need a nap.

  8. Now that I read this article, I think that they should totally make a film abou the making of “The Canyons” based on this article. Such a great read.

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