• Watch Jeff Bridges discuss his new book, The Dude & The Zen Master, and offer a little Zen to Jimmy and the audience. -LateNightJimmy
  • Here we are in Day 2 of Bradley Cooper’s “butt cut” causing quite a stir! First: “My First 9 Thoughts Upon Seeing Bradley Cooper’s Hair Parted Down The Center” -ShmittenKitten
  • Second: ‘THE 25 MOST IMPORTANT MIDDLE PARTS IN HISTORY’! One of the better lists ever* constructed courtesy of Matt Stopera. -BuzzFeed
  • The Bluth Family’s Favorite One-Liners -Newsweek
  • If Disney Made Star Wars (Musical Parody) -TastefullyOffensive
  • YouTube challenge: “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Hugged My TV” -JimmyKimmelLive
  • Talking To Paula Pell About Working At SNL For 17 Years, Writing With Apatow, And Other Stuff -SplitSider

(*well maybe not EVER ever)

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  1. I don’t know if it’s the haircut or the angle or just the face he’s making or what, but that photo definitely reveals how smushed looking and concave Bradley Cooper’s face is. Weird.

  2. I can’t believe Devon Sawa came in BEHIND Nick Carter in the middle parts countdown. Have they SEEN Devon Sawa’s middle part? It’s even got a complimentary tooth gap!

  3. That butt cut list really made me revisit some VERY INTENSE feelings about Rider Strong.


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