Supposedly this robot cockroach is one of the fastest robots in the whole world. Uh, yeah. It’s crazy how quickly it MADE ME BARF. Robots are fucking gross, dude. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, SKYNET! Time to start making some lists. Get your shit worked out. Nasty-ass robots. Sick. Fuck gross robots, seriously. (Via Animal.)

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  1. Why would they make a robot of the one thing that is going to survive the apocalypse and who we have no use for in the present?

  2. When will Raid come out with a bug barrier that keeps these terrifying monster nightmare-beasts out of my house as effectively as their current bug barrier keeps the gigantic woodland roaches in my neighborhood out of my house? I hope soon because if I weren’t already terrified enough about a roach crawling into my ear in my sleep, now I have to worry about a roach that can crawl into my ear in my sleep and then take pictures or some other kinda weird shit????

  3. They couldn’t have made a tiny dog?

  4. “We’re just months away from perfecting robotic dog shit.” -Science

  5. Jesus Murphy. I went undercover for you guys so I could discover the secrets to surviving the robot uprising and got all the deets for humanoid robots and it never even crossed my mind to ask about robo-roaches. I’ve let us all down.

  6. Put a camera and a mic on this thing and it is ready for ALIAS-type action.

    Geeky Sidekick: “We’ll just send in a bug.”
    Jennifer Garner: “You want me to plant a bug?”
    Geeky Sidekick: “No, the bug is on a bug!” (looks down, smiling, taps at computer screen)

  7. “I’ll take two of those in a doggie bag.” -Robot Nic Cage

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