Sure the technology seems a little unnecessary when the video chatting technology is already here and, like, there will probably be a lot of time when the machines get lost or fall down in the hallways and everyone will be like, “Where’s Rebecca?” but think of all the wonderful PRANK opportunities the future holds! “BOO!” (Via TylerCoates.)

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  1. This looks like something that would go up during a drag queen show between costume changes.

  2. The first time a coworker rolls up to my office they’re going to get one of these:

  3. “Sure, like the guy in the 3000 dollar suit’s gonna ride his segway all the way down to the office COME ON”

  4. South Park did it.

  5. Finally. My dream of being able to easily tape paper over co-workers’ faces b/c I don’t want to talk to them is becoming a reality.

  6. This will revolutionize the way I lock my boss in my closet.

    • This will at least deter people from being assholes around the office, because if you are being an asshole someone can just “accidentally” knock you over or lock you out of a room.

      • My office has hefty doorjambs that even adult humans sometimes trip over, so I imagine these suckers would be stuck rolling forlornly around our main hallway, unable to get into any offices without toppling over. Good luck getting into our conference rooms, dudes!

    • I hope that you do this, and you refuse to let them out until they perform the entirety of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”

  7. It would have been very kafkaeqsue if her son walked in at the end and was a screen. She hugged the machine and then you panned out and she was in a factory in somewhere among thousands of managers. Then you panned out further and earth was on fire and then you realized she was on a spacecraft.


  9. These things are just begging to get ‘kick me’ taped to their backs.

  10. Ahhh… That work scarf is so confining!

  11. At least office romances will be less awkward.

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