The big story yesterday was how Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House, and that IS huge and I OBVIOUSLY understand why it was the only thing anyone wanted to talk about. When Comedy 9/11 happens, no one wants to talk about Comedy They Also Attacked The Pentagon, Remember?! And yet, I still feel like the OTHER story that broke yesterday, in which Courtney Cox admitted on Ellen that in order to teach her dogs how to pee on the grass, she herself peed on the grass, deserved/deserves a lot more attention than it got, and I for one won’t just sit back and watch this insidious brand of MEDIA BIAS to perpetuate itself. I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO HELP YOU BREAK THROUGH THE PEE CEILING, LADIES! From Celebitchy:

She has two dogs, a 9 and 10 year-old named Hopper and Harley who are both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She told a weird story about how she had to buy a square of doggy grass to put on the balcony of her new place, and how she had to personally pee on it in order to get the dogs to go there. Ellen schooled Courteney that when the new doggy grass comes she can just pee in a jar inside and pour it on.

Of course, OF COURSE when Courtney Cox tells Ellen that she peed on some grass to teach her dogs how to pee on some grass, Ellen not only takes this as a given but has A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS. That’s why Ellen is Ellen and Courtney is Courtney. Al is Al. Pee is pee. Poop is poop. L is O L. Never forget.

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  2. Hello, dog trainer? It’s Hugh. I can’t seem to get my dog to stop peeing on my lap. Why is he doing this?

  3. “Could she have LET the actor in her take over more?” – Chenandler Bong

  4. Someone should pour a jar of pee on that first sentence in the blockquote.

  5. I wonder if Bobby Cobb did this for Dog Travis.

  6. I saw Cortney on Conan last night. She did not mention this pee story, but I might not have noticed because I was really distracted by her face… the fillers or whatever she’s injected in there… yikes. She looks nothing like the Monica Gellar of 1995.

    • Noticed the same thing, it’s sad that these celebs etc. don’t realize that fillers/surgery makes them look worse and you can tell they are covering up for something…

  7. Hopefully she doesn’t make her dogs go through the same plastic surgery procedures she goes through first.

  8. Peeing on fake grass so your dog will pee on fake grass is such a better solution than just hiring a dog trainer because YOU’RE A GOD DAMN MILLIONAIRE.

  9. “Not you, David Arquette!”

  10. Everybody who’s ever watched Dogs 101 knows this is the only way to train a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They literally will not take you seriously until you pee outside on your balcony onto a square yard of indoor/outdoor grass.

  11. It seems like if this was an effective way to teach dogs where to pee, we would have tons of dogs using toilets by now. Am I missing something in the logic here?

  12. At first I thought the headline read “Courtney Love Pees on Grass” and I was like “sure, yes, nothing to see here” then I realized it was Courtney Cox and what is this I don’t even

  13. Also I don’t really see what the big deal is here. I have peed on grass A FEW TIMES in my life and I’ve never even owned a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

  14. She should’ve just peed in the toilet so that the dogs learned that.

  15. She’s underestimating the abilities of her pets just so she can have an excuse to pee on grass.

    Sometimes celebrities just want to have a really good pee story under their belt.

  16. this was hugh jackman’s rationale, right?

  17. I’m guessing that a more truthful headline would be, “COURTNEY COX FORCES WEEPING PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO PEE ON GRASS”.

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