• It’s Nic Cage’s 49th Birthday, so here’s a delightful list of ‘The 20 Most Delightfully Insane Things About Nicolas Cage’- take this picture, for example. Just delightful! -Hollywire
  • This is a video of John Heder singing karaoke “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips in Georgia with Lesley-Ann Brandt, because Napoleon does whatever he feels like doing. GOSH! -TMZ (Thank you for the tip, Casey!)
  • 24 Movies to See in 2013, Part 2: June through December [Previously: Part 1] -TheWeek
  • “A Newly-Released Deleted Scene from American Psycho,” a treat for all the Pokémon-heads out there. -FilmDrunk
  • What’s on the menu for this year’s Golden Globes? Come on, you know you’re curious. -BuzzFeedEntertainment
  • Please enjoy this very sweet little clip from Pixar’s photorealistic new short ‘The Blue Umbrella’ -/Film
  • Bill Cosby and Jimmy Fallon messing around on Late Night is the best thing ever. -HyperVocal
  • Matthew McConaughey and (the very lucky) Camila Alves recently welcomed a new baby boy, Livingston Alves! I always liked the ring of ‘Miller Lyte McConaughey’ myself, but to each McConaughey their own. -9news
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  1. This is 49

  2. Re: movies to see in 2013: I am super excited for Gravity. Children of Men is probably my single favorite movie ever, so even though Sandra Bullock is starring I will watch the shit out of this movie.

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