Schools should replace those smoking animal posters with posters of this guy. They can say, “You might think it’s cool at first, like ‘Whoa, how does he even do that?’ But at the end of the day, you have to be like, you know, who cares how he does it? It’s gross. Everything about it is gross. His mouth is definitely disgusting. And what’s the deal with the paper? And why is the room so dark? Turn on a few lights if you’re going to make a YouTube video. Don’t smoke.” And smoking would be solved! (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. I’m going to ignore the strange man in the video and talk about those smoking animal posters.

    My friend took one of those posters, cut out the picture of every individual animal, and put them each in their own small picture frame arranged on his living room wall. It’s honestly one of the best decorations I’ve ever seen.

  2. Why is he shoving paper in his mouth at the end?! I don’t understand! I actually don’t understand!

  3. This is making me sing “Don’t be a draggin’ lady!” – A PSA announcement from when I was a kid. Here it is in case you’re curious:

  4. That ended about as well as I could have hoped.

  5. Don’t smoke because it’s expensive and gross and makes you smell bad and will very seriously mess up your cholesterol when you’re older to the point where your femoral aorta may become totally blocked and doctors have to go inside of you and replace it with PVC piping… and then tell you that’s basically THE BEST possible situation and you’re super lucky to not have lung or heart cancer, which they had to test for because you’re so high-risk thanks to the grossness of cigarettes.

    Smoking is yucky. This kid is an asshole.

    • My grandfather started smoking at 9 on the streets of Naples, he was dead from lung cancer by the time he was just almost 34. This story has been pounded in my head over and over and that’s why I never smoked (cigarettes).

  6. Those anti smoking commercials with the guy with a hole in his throat are horrifying. You win, advertisements. I will never smoke a cigarette again in my life just please no more of the hole in his throat guy.

  7. You guys, he just chubby bunnied a dozen cigarettes. Smoking is so cool!

  8. This is an accident waiting to happen.

    This guy knows.

  9. I have this romantic notion that every individual has one thing in which they excel above and beyond literally every other person who has ever lived. It started as a knee-jerk reaction to some years-past realization that despite any self-perceived uniqueness, there are likely dozens – perhaps even hundreds – of people who are startlingly identical to you. Your interests, your abilities, your experiences – it’s more than probable that you are not the snowflake you might prefer yourself to be. Hell, even the snowflake analogy is a myth. There are plenty of identical snowflakes.

    But that one thing. Others may do it. Even many others may do it. but you’re the best at it.

    On a whim I would say that since the dawn of the rolled cigarette, roughly six million people have tried to eat a bunch of cigarettes (I have cold, hard statistics to back this up but as of now, I’m reluctant to share.) This guy is the best.

    This guy is the best.

  10. Ugh i almost threw up for real, i couldn’t make it past 44 seconds

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