Whu-whu-whuuuuut? A giveaway on a Monday? THAT’S RIGHT! We’re interrupting our normal schedule to bring you this HOT HOT HOT Promised Land giveaway! It’s actually a really great giveaway! I’m not sure if it seemed like I was joking around, but I wasn’t! Promised Land was directed by Gus Van Sant, and the screenplay is by John Krasinski and Matt Damon, and it’s based on a story by Dave Eggers, and it came out over the weekend so you can see it right now, and I don’t know what else you need me to tell you. Have you seen it yet? If not, why? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone to give you the money to see it and also a few other fun prizes? If so you sound awful and weird, but also you might be in luck! Look what you can win:

THAT’S GREAT! In order to win:

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  3. Comment with your favorite movie or television show or book anyone involved with this movie has been involved with in the past.

Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Friday, January 11, 6PM EST. You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook account. I’m sorry. Also, you’ll be notified that you won through a Facebook message so WATCH OUT and PLEASE ONLY COMMENT ONCE! A winner will be chosen at random! Hooray! Promised Land trailer after the jump.

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  1. I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I remember loving Matt Damon in Stuck On You.

  2. I really thought Matt Damon reached his peak with Stuck on You. I keep watching every movie he makes hoping it will match up to Stuck on You. Hopefully Promised Land will be the one but it looks like it won’t, honestly. Ocean’s 13 was pretty good too.

  3. My favorite thing that Matt Damon ever did was when he was in Team America: World Police when he just said his name over and over. Hilarious!

  4. I thought Matt Damon’s guest starring role on “Will & Grace” was hilarious! He played a straight guy pretending to be gay to be in a gay men’s choir.

  5. My favorite thing any of them has been involved in is probably The Office, but ONLY seasons 1-3. That shit went downhill after season 3, which is a shame. Its a shame that the writers didnt really know how to fill the Jim/Pam will they/wont they void, and its a shame the show went completely off the rails of “dry, clever, relatable office show” to whatever the hell it is now with the triangular ipads and whatnot.

  6. Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies, but I am not interested in Promised Land, even though I like the work that Matt Damon and Gus van Sant have done together.

    The link to the Oral History of Good Will Hunting that was in the afternoon links on Thursday was great, by the way. Thanks Mary!

  7. I recently read a Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers, and really loved it. I think Matt Damon is really cool, but my favorite work of his (I almost wrote “his favorite work of mine” haha) is probably the “I fucked Matt Damon” video by Sarah Silverman. I’m trying to read The Bedwetter right now, and it’s prrtty good! I thought that Away We Go was really funny and charming and fun to watch and I loved all the smaller-role characters. Fun to watch! I also just bought the 2012 edition of America’s Best NonRequired Reading from the Best of American Series. It is released yearly. Each edition is edited by Dave Eggers and the stories are chosen by a class of high school students. So good! Short fiction, graphic stories, nofiction pieces, funny suff! It is my favorite! Each edition has an introduction by a guest editor. Matt Greoning! Sufjan Stevens! Beck! Maurice Sendack! Judy Blume! This year’s edition was Ray Bradbury. It was a really, really moving introduction. Read it! I haven’t read past the intro of this year’s edition yet, but usually the writing in each issue is just the best, so I am so excited. Jon Krasinski is really funny to Dwight in the first few seasons of The Office. Gus Van Sant is a really good director, obviously. Into the Abyss is on Netflix Instant! Ohmygod! Really good!

    So, in conclusion, my favorite work associated with this movie is the “I Fucked Matt Damon” video.

  8. Wait, Videogum is giving away land? Land I can sell to people to use for fracking? FINALLY all my time commenting on this blog will pay off!!! Where *is* this land, exactly? I want to imagine myself counting my money like the Monopoly guy.

    I really liked Matt Damon’s joke about getting drunk and heckling Argo on The Colbert Report around Halloween. Or when he gets political in real life and is kind of fantastic and that sometimes gets featured on TV shows.

  9. The Canyons, starring Gus Van Sant (I shit you not: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001814/#Actor)

    But in seriousness, I loved To Die For when it came out (when I was 12) (directed by GVS)

  10. i liked Rounders with matt damon

  11. I’m going to say it’s the one-two punch of Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon with Good Will Hunting.

    Side note: did anyone read that interview piece? That who,e part about them adding the part where Matt and Ben’s characters were blowing each other gave me the giggles.

  12. Harry Potter has always been my favorite! I love the books & the movies!

  13. I liked Contagion

  14. Rosemarie Dewitt was in Mad Men, which I like. Mad Men is pretty good, you guys should see it.

  15. I really love Zeitoun. Even though it seems like kind of a strange book to “love” since it’s all so horrifying.

    John Krasinski surprised me when he wrote and directed Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. That was the moment I really started liking him for more than his boyish good looks.

  16. Loved the whole Bourne series with Matt Damon.

  17. Rosemarie Dewitt was great in My Sister’s Sister.

  18. The Rainmaker with Matt Damon playing a child lawyer.

  19. Good Will Hunting….duh. Also…he is Jason Bourne another duh.

  20. Away We Go.

  21. Weird to say favorite, but the movie “Elephant” was truly haunting and has really stuck with me over the years.

  22. Ronald Oliver  |   Posted on Jan 8th, 2013 0

    Matt Damon (voice) as Cale Tucker in “TITAN A. E.” (2000) was awesome I thought! I know it’s not one of his more famous works, but for me, it’s a favorite!

  23. I loved Frances McDormand in Fargo.

  24. Van Sant’s ‘My Own Private Idaho’. RIP River Fenix TX.

  25. Blood Simple

  26. I like Matt Damon in We bought a Zoo…so heart warming!

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