WE’RE BACK! Strap your GoPros on your faces and definitely do not blink at all because the site’s back up, it’s Monday morning, we’ve got a full week ahead of us, and holy moly why aren’t you blinking more?! Does no one blink very often?! Do humans not have to blink? Am I the only one who blinks? How often do you blink? Are you blinking now? HELLO? (Thanks for the tip, werttrew!)

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  1. Who knew Larry David could play trombone?

    What about Monster’s Ball from last week?

  2. Is everybody okay? I missed you guys! We had a great chat in lieu of comments! Good to be back!

  3. “Anyone that doesn’t blink is a terrorist.” -Everyone that blinks.

  4. YOU’RE BACK! NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN. NEVER NEVER NEVER I’m still not over the abandonment issues over Mans and notsewfast leaving.

  5. Woah, that was crazy! How does he do that?

  6. If we had a different soundtrack, it would have been Dr. Tongue’s House of Trombones.

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