• This is a picture of the REAL Bruce Wayne, “a morph between West/Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney/Bale” that showed up on Reddit (but we all know is actually the REAL Bruce Wayne/Batman). -Reddit (Thank you for the tip, Bruce Wayne!)
  • Julie Klausner interviewed Max Silvestri before & after he ate shrooms and watched The Hobbit. It’s great! Love these guys! -Vulture
  • “Norm Macdonald’s Keeping Resolutions, Volume 1: A Plan in the Desert” by Norm Macdonald -Grantland
  • Dowager Countess Supercut! Dowager Countess Supercut! -HuffPostTV
  • Amy Poehler spent New Year’s volunteering in Haiti. -BuzzFeed
  • “Here’s Paul F. Tompkins singing the theme from Skyfall at his December show at Largo. No character voices, just Paul belting Adele’s hit with a band and dancers as if it’s 1967 and he’s on The Hollywood Palace.” BRAVO, PAUL. -Nerdist
  • ‘Chris Pratt Lived In A Van With A Bro Named Zeb While Waiting Tables At Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.’, but still earns I-want-to- bring-him-home-to-my-parents status with the perfect blend of traits on Letterman. -WarmingGlow
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  1. hubba hubba, real bruce wayne

  2. What’s the real Robin look like? (Not like JGL, that’s for damn sure!!)

  3. He submitted that tip? More like Bruce Vain.

  4. ‘Chris Pratt Lived in a Van Concealed Behind a Dirt Pile and was Discovered By Fucking Rae Dawn Chong Because Even Rae Dawn Chong Eats at Bubba Gump’ is the proper title.

    • I didn’t know who she was, and between the Rae and the Chong, was actually very shocked that she wasn’t the Asian man I’d imagined.

  5. BTW I would love to take shrooms with Max Silvestri!

  6. I always thought dreamy local KGW news anchor Joe Donlon would make an excellent non-animated IRL Bruce Wayne:The Animated Series

  7. Holy Crap! Videogum linked to Grantland??? The internet is now complete.

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