What is there even to add to this? It was a perfect night, hosted by some perfect entertainers, and it’s going to be very hard for any New Year’s Eve in the future to ever live up to this even with the help of Garry Marshall they can’t beat this it’s perfect. All of the people standing around in the crowd are so lucky, I hope they knew they were part of history, but they were probably too busy having the most incredible time. (Thanks for the tip, Max.)

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  1. The Best Viral Videos 2013 retrospective does not need any more clips now, sorry future Froggy Fresh jamz.

  2. Needs more Seacrest?

  3. “I wish I was Jamie Kennedy” – no one else ever!

  4. I’m just gonna send this to my boss if he is ever hyper-critical of my work.

  5. I accidentally watched this guy’s documentary, Heckler, over the holidays. It’s unbelievably bad. He basically whines about how much everyone hated Son of the Mask and then confronts critics, Michael Moore-style. Then he talks to Carrot Top for a few minutes about how hilarious Carrot Top is. That’s about when I turned it off.

    • I’d like to do a documentary where I interview critics who actually liked the original The Mask and demand that they explain themselves.

  6. I was smiling through the whole thing, but the ending with the silence and the uploader’s comment made me laugh out loud so hard that I’m now crying and my head hurts.

  7. Nobody straddles the line between Very Famous and Complete Nobody quite like Jamie Kennedy. It’s mesmerizing, really.

    • Be careful what you write, buddy. He actually confronted people who criticized him on the Internet in that horrifying documentary. Even if you don’t sign the release and don’t make it to the sequel, JAIME KENNEDY MAY CONFRONT YOU IN YOUR HOME and what do you do then??? He wouldn’t leave. It was terrifying.

  8. Oh that drunk girl reading the prompter in the back is A ++++

  9. DROP THE BALLOOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. KDOC presents: Jamie Kennedy looks around in bewilderment 1000 times in front of sparse crowd.

  11. Wow…Shannon Elizabeth and Macy Gray? How did he book such high profile stars?

  12. Thank you. If I ever need to explain my feelings about new years eve to anyone again I can just show them this video. That was/is perfect.

  13. Good to see Bonethugsings Hargamunny are still doing their thing.

  14. I hope that girl gets rid of all of her haters.

  15. I really can’t say anything about this video that isn’t just, “bravo.”

  16. The entire show is now up. Download/Watch it before they pull it. It’s amazing.


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