• Suri Cruise Facepalm = 2013 in a nutshell, so far! -SurisBurnBook
  • J. Woww speaks out about “vile” butt pics; sets the record straight with her own better butt videos and pics. -BestWeekEver
  • Bobby Bottleservice has a nice video chat with Farley, aka Chelsea Peretti. (This will keep us busy/amused until we can watch watch a whole episode later tonight!) -NickKroll
  • Jose Canseco called Dane Cook the “1988 Jose Canseco of Comedy” and compared himself “then” to Cook “now.” LOLOLOL -BuzzFeed
  • Deleted Scenes from Looper and This Is 40 -/Film
  • 24 Movies To See in 2013: Part One (January Through June) -TheWeek
  • Good Will Hunting: An Oral History with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and More -BostonMagazine
  • This is just a good supercut of space helmets in movies and TV set to “Space Oddity” -FilmDrunk
  • Fred Armisen and Questlove had a drum-off after last night’s filming of Late Night. They’re both excellent, no duh. -LateNightJimmy
  • Winnie Cooper is now almost 40?! You guys, it’s not funny anymore. We’re getting old as hell. -Dlisted
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  1. In the Videogum Movie Club post for Looper, someone mentioned something about 40 extra minutes of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns into Bruce Willis 30 year montage. That was my favorite part of the movie, and its disappointing that those extra 40 minutes are seemingly missing. Anyone know anything about that?

  2. I did not need to see that JWow.

  3. Suri Cruise just learned that:

    a) Adam Levine is hosting SNL
    b) Hammacher Schlemmer is sold out of puking robots.
    c) Her father did a Kubrick film but that film was Eyes Wide Shut.

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