As it turns out, nothing in this show is real? Every object is make believe, no one exists, and the people who put it all together are geniuses who will one day put into effect some sort of Twilight Zone plot to trick us all into thinking the world has ended.

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  1. You mean that one guy really has a whole face???? This show has been ruined for me.

  2. Yeah, Inception was a pretty cool movie. I still maintain that he never really got out of the dream and that he was Tyler Durden the whole time.

  3. That guy’s character is great. Remember when he cleared that house out before those people got there? On his own? (no spoiler?)

    • Ugh, SO GREAT. I love him. *SPOILER* I wanted him to end up happily settled with Tommy and whatsherface soooo badly :(

      • Me too! I’m seriously surprised both of them survived the season. During every one of their scenes together I kept thinking “Oh Richard, this isn’t going to end well for you!”

  4. I would watch this, but Vimeo hates me. Curse you, Vimeo.

  5. This technology’s been around a while, actually.

  6. Warning: Soundtrack sounds like Thievery Corporation. May get lodged in your cerebral cortex and refuse to leave.

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