Over the holidays, while everyone was busy enjoying some well-deserved time with their friends and family, Kate Winslet was also being a normal human being just doing the things that human beings definitely do. It almost feels silly to talk about it since every single detail is so mundane. What’s next, a blog post about different types of cardboard? We already know all the types, thanks! Tell us something we don’t know about cardboard! (The joke is that there’s no such thing as something we don’t know about cardboard.) But just in case you love subtle character studies of an average woman, and/or being reminded that we are all just regular people living in a world of other people and that we all share the indelible commonalities of life on this earth, here are some of the details from Kate Winslet’s holiday break:

See what I mean? I could have pretty much been describing anyone’s holiday break. But it’s nice in 2013 to be reminded that celebrities are just like us: they put their spacesuits on one Ned RocknRoll at a time.

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  1. Something you may not know about cardboard: It makes a very effective sled for when there is no snow. Very bad for snow-less skiing though, unless you enjoy having your legs pulled in opposite directions while you race down a hill that you suddenly realize ends with a road at the bottom of it.

    • it makes a terrible sled when there is snow, though. I recommended a cafeteria tray instead.

    • I have a question about cardboard, since you’re the resident expert: Does the word “corrugated” have the same root as the word “corduroy”?

      • I am not sure, as my studies in cardboard are mostly related to sledding sans snow. I did not have the energy by senior year of Cardboarding School to take the Cardboard Linguistics classes required for the minor.

      • I remember from an episode of QI that corduroy comes from the French “cord du roi” or something like that, I don’t know I don’t speak French. Fabric of the King. So it was so luxurious and expensive only the King (which King? who knows?) could wear it. Which is kind of hilarious.

  2. Stars are NOT just like us, though, because if I was Kate Winslet and had been bought a ticket to space, I would obviously have had my wedding there and not on boring old Earth.

  3. “Thumbs up, everybody, for RocknRoll!”

  4. “Rocknroll, 34, who changed his name from Abel Smith, works at Virgin Galactic, Branson’s space travel venture, as head of marketing, promotion and astronaut experience.”


  5. I’m not sure that I would prefer getting married or going to space to what I did over my break, which was sleeping about 14 hours a day, watching so many movies, staying up late drinking heavily and completely ruining my sleep schedule for coming back to work this morning.

  6. His family changed their name at Ellis Island, it used to be RhythmnBlues.

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  7. She better not take his name, because IRL I have been planning to be Kate RocknRoll for years. I already have monogrammed towels, Kate Winslet! Think of the towels!

  8. I went to the article, because with a name like Ned Rocknroll I had assumed this guy must be part of some kind of throwback rock group like the Darkness, and it turns out Mr. Rocknroll’s real name is Abel Smith (he CHOSE the name Ned) and he is in charge of “marketing, promotion and astronaut experience” at Virgin Galactic. This sounds like the most annoying man on the planet, and probably on other planets too, and definitely in outer space.

  9. I’d marry pretty much anyone, no matter how stupid their last name, in exchange for a trip to space.

  10. Something tells me the moment Kate Winslet goes into space, Aliens are going to recognize her achievement and nominate her ambassador of earth.

  11. I was watching my marathon of Twilight Zone episodes yesterdaty and SPOILERS!! some of those space travelers ended up regretting their life decisions. I kept watching these episodes, trying to telepathically communicate to Ms. RocknNoll (nee Winslet) that it is not to late to stay safely only the ground.

    She is already consenting to getting on a space plane with Ashton Kutcher and Russell Brand. How can she not realize this is a one-way ticket to the sun!! Or a deal Branson made to be fed to Kanamits!!


  12. I really like the idea of meeting your future husband on a private island, mostly because I will assume one of you is there to hunt strangers for sport and it’s nice for things to start on an honest level.

  13. Was that Ned Rocknroll of the Greenwich Rocknrolls or the Westhampton Rocknrolls? Just curious.

  14. I feel like she’s living Homer Simpson’s life.

  15. So if his name isn’t really Rocknroll does that mean Sid Vicious’ last name wasn’t really Vicious?

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