Well? I’m not sure what else you want me to say — you saw the headline to the post, now ANSWER THE QUESTION! Just kidding! My new year’s resolution is to never stop joking around and sharing a few laughs with pals, because life is too short, and jokes are too funny, but you always have to admit that you were kidding at the end of the jokes, because how else will anyone know that you were JK? But to take a break and be serious for a min.: What is your New Year’s television resolution, the series you are going to watch and catch up with or finish by the end of 2013? I don’t know about you, but over the holiday there were numerous occasions on which I was unable to participate in the pop culture conversation going on around me because I had no knowledge of the television show my friends or family were talking about. And I hate not being able to participate! I HAVE OPINIONS, TOO! OR AT LEAST I WOULD, IF I HAD EVER FELT LIKE WATCHING GAME OF THRONES! LET ME SPEEEEEEAK!! So that is at the top of my my New Year’s television resolution list: Game of Thrones. After that it’s The Sopranos and The Wire, and the list may or may not be heavily influenced by the fact that I recently acquired an HBO GO password. What about yours? Are you going to catch up with Breaking Bad so you can participate in the thrill of the final season? (You should!) Are you going to watch Justified since Gabe seems to like it so much? Are you going to finally catch up with Parenthood now that all the past seasons are available on Netflix Instant? You gonna watch all the Dr. Whos? What series do you think should be on ALL of our New Year’s television resolution lists? Nashville? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. If I want to have any idea what the kids are talking about in 2013, I’m going to need a refresher on Boy Meets World.

  2. My new years television resolution is to watch an adequate amount of television, just as I always have. Also, I have recently caught a few episodes of My So Called Life and I can’t help but think how like every teen high school drama that has come since is influenced by that show. Degrassi is basically My So Called Life: Poorly Acted and in Canada

    • Excuse me? More like “My So-Called Life is basically Degrassi but with slick American production values.” Original Degrassi High (the third Degrassi series) ended three years before MSCL.

      DUMMY!!! (jk we’re cool).

      • Wait. You are right, I now remember the existence of a Degrassi series before the Degrassi series with Drake (still can’t figure out how Drake happened, or why he goes by Drake). But are you saying that that Degrassi series was the THIRD series of Degrassi in existence? And the Drake Degrassi is the FOURTH series of Degrassi? Are there even enough issues one can have in high school for four series of Degrassi?

        • Degrassi Junior High came before My So Called Life, but Degrassi the Next Generation is STILL happening I think.

          Jordan Catalano > Sean Cameron
          Rayanne Graff > Manny Santos

          • Degrassi the Next Generation is still happening as far as I know, but I don’t exactly keep tabs on the show. I just spent the last half hour thinking there were four series of Degrassi somewhere out there which is too much melodrama to even compute.

        • That is correct:
          Kids of Degrassi Street (lil kids)
          Degrassi Junior High (87-89)
          Degrassi High (89-91)
          Degrassi: TNG (2001-on).
          And yes, I wikipedia’d it, I’m not that lame.

          Joey Jeremiah> everyone.

          • I take back my above response to Welcome to Costco. That is too much melodrama to even compute.

            And don’t worry, we are having a discussion about the various iterations of Degrassi. We are all that lame.

          • I am also eagerly awaiting Degrassi: Deep Space Nine, and the inevitable less accurate but extremely fun JJ Abrams remake sometime in the 2020′s.

          • Hahaha. I have been reading IMDB pages about it. There are also a lot of movies –

            School’s Out
            Degrassi Spring Break Movie
            Degrassi Goes Hollywood
            Degrassi Takes Manhattan

            Saturnian, there is officially too much melodrama!

          • We have reached critical mass! Abort the mission! Everyone just go home and don’t underage drink or fuck anybody or look up porn websites when your parents aren’t home, or whatever.

    • Hoser please, I’ve been making Degrassi shows since before you were born.

  3. I started Fringe on Saturday and I’m almost done with Season 1. Can I finish it before the series finale on the 18? I highly doubt it. I do like it a lot! But I wish it were on a cable station instead of a major network, because 20 episodes a season is way too long. I like 13 episodes, more compact and much more well-edited.

    If Six Feet Under were on Netflix, that would be my other resolution, but it is not and I do not want to pay for it.

    • It may be possible to watch it all before the finale, but probably not advisable. I just glutted on Walking Dead for a week and now I’m scared when babies hiss at me.

      • Yeah, I’ve actually started feeling super paranoid that I’m going to be infected with some weird virus. I get a little too invested in television shows.

  4. Last month I found out that Bob Ross is on at 6:30am on Thursdays, so I’m going to watch that until I’ve see every happy little tree the dude ever painted.

  5. My new year’s television resolution is to STOP and WATCH TV and not fiddle around on the iPad or computer.

    • Hahahahaha. For what? Books? Working out? Learning a new language? HA!

      …Oh to watch MORE. No, that’s a solid resolution and one I have as well. Sorry. I was distracted because I was only doing one thing at once. If you need a thing to do to keep your hands busy or stop the need to fiddle in general (besides taking up the fiddle), I highly suggest knitting. It satiates my ADHD that makes sitting on the couch, just watching TV basically impossible.

  6. I think I am going to finally watch the New Girl since I hear good things. Also, Drag Race premieres on 1/28 so no duh I am going to watch the hell out of that. ALSO I should watch less true crime so I don’t assume everyone within a 100 mile radius is trying to murder me.


      I am ALL about Alaska Thunderfuck. Jinkx Monsoon seems pretty great too. And Jade Jolie namedropped Mortal Kombat so she’s fine by me.

      • I’m worried about Alaska…the way the ads have been edited, I just feel like she’s not going to make it very far. But I am sooooo excited about Season 5!!!

        • Agreed on the concern for Alaska, I have a feeling she’s going home early (the previews only showed her in about 3 different outfits which is disconcerting).

          That being said her “Meet the Queens” video was easily the best one of the bunch. My friend just saw her in Portland, I’m attempting to obtain any information she may have accidentally divulged during her performance.

          • Ooo…keep us posted. I enjoy drag queen gossip!

          • I WAS AT THAT PORTLAND SHOW TOO!! it was awesome and as much as i was initially there for Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon kind of won me over so I will be rooting for both of them.

            also, before the show my boyfriend and I were standing over by a corner with no one behind us and then my bf turned around and was like, “what? huh?” and I was like “huh? what?” and he was like, “I swear something just brushed my arm. It was really light so I thought it was some drag queen’s flowy outfit or something.” but there was no one even near us!! so basically, we were HAUNTED BY A GHOST DRAG QUEEN

    • One of my resolutions is to actually see a drag queen performance live (and not some crappy one – one with seriously good drag queens because I watch DR and I know what I like) but I live in Oklahoma so I don’t know if it can happen.

  7. I think I’m either getting old or I have some sort of vitamin deficiency, because I can’t bring myself to follow a show unless I really love it. That means I’ve fallen two seasons behind on Boardwalk Empire and I haven’t seen any of the new Treme episodes. And this is despite the fact that the really really great shows are all on a break. So I guess my resolution is just to be better at watching TV this year. I seriously need to get my act together.

  8. My goals are to finish Battlestar Galactica, keep up with American Horror Story Season 2 (Evil Nun is my HERO), and catch up on the last seasons of ANTM and Bad Girls Club (because I am the worst).


  9. I did pretty well in 2012, watching all of Lost, Sherlock and (most importantly) Cougar Town. This year I’m going to try to get through Doctor Who (already started, not sucked in yet though), Breaking Bad and Luther. I might take another crack at Battlestar Galactica too.

    • Battlestar! Yeah!

      I’m finishing up Season 3 right now. The first season is really amazing and it has been kind of downhill since then, although there are a few episodes at the end of 2 that are some of the best things I have ever watched on Netflix, like, ever.

      I normally don’t do sci-fi that takes itself super seriously (Buffy > True Blood) but Battlestar is just really impressive to me for some reason.

      • I watched the miniseries and the first normal episode last winter, but then I got distracted by The Vampire Diaries and never went back. I did like it though, so I will try again at some point. There are just so many shows!

      • I tried so hard to get into Battlestar, but after the miniseries I got really bored. Maybe I’ll try again, since everyone seems to love it so much.

  10. Now that I’m off from school (1st day back to work though, grrr) my new year’s tv resolution is to catch up on Doctor Who (I’m finishing season 5 but I’ve seen some episodes from 6 & 7 plus the Snowmen Xmas special). In addition, I hope to watch all of Downton Abbey. I’ve got 20 days. It’s cold outside so for the next couple of weeks I’m not venturing outdoors for all the beers in Belgium…unless it’s happy hour Fridays with my friends.

  11. DANCE. MOMS.

  12. I finished Sherlock just before the end of the year, and I’ve started watching Doctor Who (it seems like all roads from shows I like lead to the Doctor). Really, my only appointment tv this year will be RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  13. I just found out that Catherine Tate (from The Office and Dr. Who) had her own show for a couple of years called The Catherine Tate Show. I think some of it is on uTube. That’s my TV resolution.

    • OMG you’ll love. Lauren is the best character! You won’t even be bovvered.

    • I found that out this weekend after a google search after Journey’s End. I want to watch it but after watching Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry’s skitshow from the mid-1990s I’m put off of British skitshows. It’s good knowing she had her own stuff and was never always a Companion or Toby Flenderson’s love interest. I also love Donna Noble’s grandpa.

  14. I’m caught up on everything I watch, and most shows that were recommended to me are at least 4-5 seasons long/in, and to be honest, that’s a lot of time to invest. Game of Thrones is only on 2 seasons, so I might give that a shot.

  15. You guys it is my first day back at work and I have literally 95 unanswered e-mails in my inbox and I am just writing on this thread instead of doing any of the work I need to and also I have class til ten tonight and I haven’t done the reading yet and oh my god get me out of here.

  16. I’m getting rid of cable and getting fiber Internet instead. I already have Netflix and Amazon Prime and will add Hulu Plus. Kind of sad to be letting go of HBO Go since it was the only reason I had cable but I just didn’t watch it enough to justify a 90$ bill.

  17. Have any of you guys seen Elementary? It’s pretty great. I know that there are a lot of Sherlock fans around here, and I have never seen that, so I don’t know how it measures up, but it’s a fun and usually has good twists.

    I guess I’m saying that your resolutions should be to watch Elementary. And Veronica Mars. And Southland.

    • My resolutions include Breaking Bad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the final season of Deadwood.

      Other shows being recorded on the DVR are American Horror Story, Walking Dead (this season is actually good!), Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Southland, Elementary, Wow I Watch Way too Much TV.

      I will probably add at least one episode of the Carrie Diaries and Deception. I have zero expectations for either of these shows, but now that Gossip Girl is gone, I need some garbage to watch.

    • the thing that strikes me as strange out elementary is that i’ve never seen a single ad for it. i mean, granted, i basically never watch cbs (it is on cbs, right?), but i still see ads for all their other shows on other channels or magazines or buses or whatever fairly frequently. but other than the a/v club articles about it when it was first announced, i haven’t seen or heard a single thing about it.

      • There was a brief moment in time when our TV alarm was set to CBS. I saw a million ads for it those mornings, and they must have brainwashed my half asleep mind. Which is good because I am glad I started watching.

        With the exception of Elementary, I don’t watch CBS, and seeing ads for other CBS shows during the commercial breaks is hilarious. CBS seems like it is the worst.

        But you are right – it is not marketed very well. I heard that it will air after the Superbowl, which is apparently a great time slot? So, hopefully that will get some new people interested. I think the ratings are actually pretty good so far.

        • I watch Elementary and Craig Ferguson and HIMYM, so I’m vaguely familiar (I think that is how I remembered where and when it was airing so I could make a season pass)… but you are totally 100 percent forever correct. The stuff that is made and promoted and watched on that network seems like a parody of bad television.

  18. I am going to try Luther again! I have tried twice to make it to the end of the first season, but it is too stressful! I have only gotten to the second-to-last episode, because it is so good that it is too wrenching to watch without destroying my insides. Maybe I’ll get drunk and try again. Or maybe that’ll be worse? I dunno.

  19. My wife and I are just about caught up with Mad Men. Episode 9 on Season 5. Whenever the next season comes out, we’ll be ready! Also in keeping with the thread of being really late to things, I think we’re going to tackle Breaking Bad next.

  20. My resolution is to stop watching TV and start making it. A man can dream.

  21. I don’t really have any TV resolutions as I watch exactly the right amount, but I’d really like to see the final season of Eureka already. And I want Psych to be back sooner. I did a 3-day Psych bender over the holidays and it was great! I never realized how subtle the character progression is or how well done. And now I need more. If Facetaco was here, he’d agree with me.

    Also, everyone should watch Revenge. Seriously, that show is the best.

    • I also want Psych to be back soon! My sister bought me the two seasons I didn’t own for Christmas, so I’ve been watching it a lot lately too. It is consistently clever and funny and no one does a better theme episode. I agree with you about the character progressions. I was watching the first season recently, and I hadn’t realized how much Gus has changed. He was much more uptight, and it was harder to see why he’d be friends with Shawn. I had forgotten about the cliffhanger from last season until I saw a preview recently, and it made me even more anxious for it to come back.

    • it seems like psych has been gone forever! didn’t it used to basically be on year-round with like a few months off every once in a while?

      • Yeah, this break has been especially long. They also don’t have nearly as many reruns as they used to on USA. Maybe it’s because of all of the new original programming, but they always seem to have either a Law and Order or NCIS marathon.

  22. I am going to give up on Game of Thrones and not let myself feel cultural anxiety about it.

    I think we all have a show like this, the ones we think we should keep ‘trying’ with. But, honestly, go read a book (Alice Munro’s Dear Life is WORTH IT, DUH!) or hang out with friends/family, pet an animal or create something yourself. You can live a great life not getting every damn reference on Videogum. It’s really OK!

  23. I feel like I should give Breaking Bad a shot but I’m overwhelmed by the number of seasons! Is there some sort of support group I can join?

  24. In 2013, I am going to move on to the Matt Smith seasons of Dr. Who. I have been reluctant to move beyond Silence in the Library, but I will do it this year. I am also planning to watch Copper, which I saw the first episode of and liked, but have not watched more. I cannot wait for RuPaul’s Drag Race. I am interested to see what crazy challenges they’ll have and what amazing outfits RuPaul will wear. Psych is coming back in February, and I really like that show! The last season ended with a big cliffhanger, and I am really anxious to see how things work out. I predict I will also get sucked into watching some kind of cooking competition on Food Network, if not multiple shows.

  25. Finally watch that box set of the Wire that my brother got me two Xmases ago.

  26. I have about 5 episodes of Six Feet Under left to watch but I’m finding it increasingly hard to care about what happens to any of those people.

    Aside from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad I have very little to look forward to in my life this year so I’m pretty much going to be watching The Reichenbach Fall at least once a week and crying myself to sleep until they make more.

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