Welcome back, everyone! All the fun is over and here we are once again to try to get each other through the slog. It’s 2013 now, Kim and Kanye are having a baby, Kate Winslet married someone named Ned Rock’nroll and is going to space, the House passed Obama’s tax deal, and that’s all the news I know because it’s all the news anyone has been making jokes about on Twitter. Did you have a nice holiday? How is 2013 treating you so far? Have you stuck to your resolutions in the past day? How early is too early to watch a video of Brown University’s fairly upsetting twerk team? This early? All early? Any hour of the day is too early? Let me know! 2013, guys! Good morning! (Via ajohnny.)

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  1. Ugh it’s too early to see this many straight white people try to dance.

  2. Mr. Rock’nroll’s first name is Ned? It kind of balances itself out now. Two ends of the spectrum. Like Eugene Warhammer.

  3. I still haven’t recovered enough from my hangover yesterday to watch this video.

  4. That puppy at the beginning was a complete delight! Will someone who watched the whole video tell me if (and exactly when) he returns?

    • I don’t see how anyone could sit through the whole video. How is it over 4 minutes long? I only made it through the first minute. But, yes, that puppy was the best part.

  5. Are these the guys we’re going to hire to teach us how to twerk at the meetup?

  6. Ensign Tables reporting for duty, ma’am! Also, I think there should be a more rigorous vetting process for this twerk team. ALSO ALSO if you are reading this facetaco COME BACK TO US AND ALSO THERE IS SOMEONE BEHIND YOU AAAAHHHH (jk)

  7. My New Year’s resolution is to become an active commenter around here again and this video is the thanks I get?

  8. I used to feel mildly uncomfortable seeing twerking at all, like I did in the original Diplo video. I dunno, something about the facelessness of the dancers, it was just a little… You know what I mean?. Well that’s not NEARLY as uncomfortable as watching very bad twerking.

  9. I am too old/lazy/tired/”busy” to Google what Twerk means, so I’m just going to assume its some sort of new jelly bracelet or wild pair of pants.

  10. My New Year’s resolution is to stop hitting “play” on videos that will probably disturb me on some level. So far so good.

  11. Back at work, it is literally the worst.

    Let’s figure out a way to retire this year, guys.

  12. This video is long.

  13. I’ve got so many thoughts/feelings on this video and other twerk vids…but I’ll just leave it at: Did you really need to twerk in a chapel???

  14. FINALLY, a video where the first and most honest thought that pops into my head is not “Needs more twerking.”

  15. 30 seconds in and I see why they’re called ‘Brown University’.

  16. Considering this is Brown, I’m pretty sure this is self-aware.

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