• “Hugh Hefner married his ‘runaway bride,’ Crystal Harris, at the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve.” Today we are all Holly Madison, etc. -ChicagoSunTimes
  • Another trailer for Girls Season 2 has been released. Yay! The new season premieres January 13 on HBO. -Top5Funniest
  • New Year’s resolutions are for the birds, so instead just watch this Training Montage Montage and then go clean your kitchen. That should take care of it. -Slacktory
  • This is just a very cute Golden Globes promo pic of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler wearing Converse and sitting on some stairs. -BuzzFeedCeleb
  • Speaking of golden globes, Amanda Bynes shared a picture of her New Year’s Eve cleavage on Instagram. Here is that picture! -HuffPo


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  1. Why don’t more men post cleavage Instagram pics?

  2. The comments on the Hugh Hefner article are really intense! Chicago has a very strong opinions about May/December romances.

    • Maybe romance is a strong word. Relationships.

    • “Her father should have shot her dead” and “I hope that Heff hangs on for at least 10 more years with ine of them being in a vegitative state” are the two best comments. By best I mean AAAAHHHHH, people, WE’RE ONLY ON DAY NINE OF CHRISTMAS (Maids a-milkin’? What day is nine? Playboy marriage, amirite, so looks like maids a-milkin’!) (Ha ha, get it? That’s a boobs joke, you guys) SO TRY TO SAY SOMETHING A LITTLE LESS WAR-ON-CHRISTMASSY, like “I hope these crazy kids do okay” or “I like love and also just getting along for money as long as there’s getting along” or ANYTHING really would be better than “She should be shot dead and he should be in a coma for a decade.”

      Maybe I’m wrong.*

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