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  1. Andy Samberg’s less talented/more annoying brother Sandy Samberg?

  2. I feel like you could see the part where this was filmed in Florida and already know this is going to be stupid.

  3. They don’t show the part where they kidnap and rob the prank victims tricking them to get into the van? But that’s the funniest part!

  4. I can’t believe no one in that video ended his world when they found out the prank.

  5. Since when is Videogum anti-prank?

  6. Um these are people waiting for the bus in FL. you’re already picking the saddest people to pick on.

  7. Of all the bad end of the world jokes this is by far the worst. Though I did enjoy watching the people snap into survival mode. I was rooting for them. “save your self!” I shouted. Did you guys know that the Mayans had to concept of the world ending or an apocalypse? Europeans added the notion when they converted them and colonized them. Ah, colonizers, such pranksters! Anyways, if it is the end of the world, why not go out in style, that is chatting with the monsters 90s-style http://tinychat.com/videogum

  8. Wait what the fuck?

  9. Other cool prank ideas:

    - Dress as a doctor and go to hospital waiting rooms to tell people their love ones are dead.
    - Have a one night stand and tell your partner afterwards that you’re HIV positive.
    - Show video evidence to children of their parents buying, wrapping, hiding, and placing presents under the tree labeled “From Santa”.

  10. Very elaborate prank just to make people miss their bus.

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