“Gangnam Style” surpassed one BILLION views on YouTube today, the first video to ever do so. Congratulations everyone. We did it? Pop champagne! (Only 365,000 views. VIEWS FAIL!) LOL. TGIF. PLEASE RT. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. Didn’t believe it, but Billboard cited their sources and it checks out. Congrats everyone. Lets get this graph goin viral.

  2. Congratulations Oppa!!!

  3. Just think how great and popular his next single will be!

  4. Anybody know which video was first to hit 1 million? I was thinking Numa Numa, but that apparently predated Youtube by a few months.

  5. It’s just good for PSY that YouTube sensations never fade into obscurity. Congrats, PSY! Enjoy your infinity minutes of fame!

  6. I watched the Gangnam video 1.75 times. I am the .00000001%.

  7. You guys, at just $1 per download, do you realize how rich Psy is now???

  8. Honestly, as far as Youtube sensations go, you could pick a lot worse to reach this historic milestone.

  9. Now stop forwarding the fucking thing, Mom and Dad!!!!!

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