During the hectic holiday season, where everything is heightened and celebratory and we lose ourselves in egg nog and shopping and whatever other indulgences we tell ourselves we “deserve” after another long, difficult year–and on the day the Mayans half-predicted would be the end of the world by simply running out of room on their ROCK CALENDAR that outlasted them by LIKE A BILLION (seriously with this Mayan stuff, imagine people talking about anything else the Mayans said as if it were true? “This is how we have to brush our teeth now because the Mayans wrote it on a banana leaf with pig blood. Get real, dopes) but so amidst all of these things going on, it’s nice to be reminded, even momentarily, that the world simply keeps plugging along and when all the dust settles it’s going to be right where you left it. On the ground. You jerks. (Via Tastefully Offensive.)

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  1. OMG he’s so cute. Fall on me!!!

  2. This is exactly the problem with trust falls. It’s not that I don’t trust you’ll intend to catch me – I don’t think you’re an asshole. I do, however, think you’re likely a spazz who will drop me in spite of your best intentions.*

    *Not you. Someone else, I’m sure.

    • That’s why I never crowd surfed or stage dove at all the hardcore shows growing up. It was a trust game with strangers. Or worse those racist skinheads who would just show up to any show and start shit.

    • The bigger problem with trust falls is that grown people are doing them and I cannot think of one good reason for that.

    • Or you are not strong enough to catch me from a semi-high height as you have spent all of your time in an office and your muscles have atrophied… but since we both bonded once over our mutual dislike of the guy who never cleans out his faxes, I’ll assume would have my back… until I reassess my actual safety and can’t back out of the goddamn trust fall because the last guy who wasn’t a team player got fired.

      “I hope our insurance includes spinal injuries…”

      (Impersonal you, not any of us.)

      • It doesn’t really take that much force to push someones arms down who has them outstretched, especially considering the added momentum of these idiots falling for 10 feet into you.

        Even if they’re really strong, human arms are just not meant to rigidly accept a lot of force while held out at a 90 degree angle. It’s like how it’s easy to hold an alligator’s mouth shut even though they’re incredibly powerful at biting.

    • I just don’t trust anyone not to squeeze my butt when they do catch me.

  3. Gotta love that cinematography though

  4. I miss summer camp.

  5. I have also been dropped during a trust fall. That is all. (Except that it was actually an exercise where you had to lift people through holes in a web made of ropes, without re-using an opening. Since I was little I went through the top, but whoops, dropped flat on my back.)

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