• There’s something very familiar about this still of Leo from The Great Gatsby. Anybody? Rose?? -BlackBook
  • “Charles Barkley’s Christmas Card” from Funny Or Die’s most recent issue of The Occasional is very funny! -FunnyOrDie
  • The FADER Presents: Listmania 2012 -FADER
  • Catching Santa Delivering Gifts as told by kids and acted out by adults -LaughingSquid
  • New Ask Amy addresses dealing with jealousy: “Rejoice in other people’s victories.” Always great advice from Ms. Poehler! -SmartGirls
  • “Who’s On First?”: The Sequel with Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, and Jimmy Fallon. Has this not been done before besides like by counselors at summer camp? Well, okay then. -LateNightJimmy


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  1. I am apathetic about the individual parts (the book, Baz Luhrman, Leo D etc), but for some reason bringing them all together makes for a very excited Flanny. Can’t wait more Gatsby plz.

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