Well, I guess if you’re going to release a video on YouTube wherein you propose to your girlfriend while she films you talking about alchemy and doing a magic trick, forcing us to assume that this is a normal thing for you two (“Yeah, come over to the back of this building and film me do a magic trick. It’s for online, I guess.”), the time to do it is the Friday before everyone gets to go home and have a few days off. Who can be upset with these two lovebirds at a time like this? Certainly not me! Go on, get married! Have two friends staked out by the marriage proposal spot to film it (well, one to film it) (the other is just there to watch silently?) (you’ll see) even though the girl is already filming it, as per the terms of your magic video plan! Just because you’re a magician who is in love doesn’t mean you can just cast a memory spell on your brain to help you never forget the day you proposed, and you’re going to want to remember it! Your girlfriend is cute! YOU SEEM LIKE YOU’RE IN LOVE!

Haha, “She just got married!” No she did not! Unless that was another one of your tricks, Mr. Magician! “You thought you were just getting engaged, but as it turns out we are now legally wed! The Honeymoon starts tomorrow and we are going to the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle! This is who you married!” (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. My favorite part is how his friend Dave on Camera 2 seems to periodically forget that he’s holding a camera.

  2. I was in the Navy with a guy who did magic tricks. He was pretty decent, and when we were out to sea, he would sometimes do shows for funsies. One night he was putting on a show, probably around 100 people in the audience. He lined up 10 paper bags and put a knife upright in one of them, then mixed them all around. Then he started crushing them down one at a time, the goal being to crush them all. Instead, he did something wrong, and magically made a hole appear in the middle of his hand. It was a pretty rad trick.


  4. Brought together through the sheer love of beanies.

  5. Somewhere (probably Brazil?) Paulo Coelho is barfing uncontrollably.

  6. I actually think this is really adorable. The only thing I don’t like is the reminder that I noticed at the end to “like” this guy on Facebook and that “Every Like Helps.” Ugh, don’t ruin your super cute, well produced proposal video by shamelessly advertising your magic.

    • As someone that is probably going to get married to the sea, I have to say this is cloying and awful. And while I loved your comment, I had to down vote it on the off-chance it would get them closer to the Kitchenaid blender that is literally the *only* reason to get married. Or health insurance, but right now I’d rather have the 90-use blender.

      I love you, welcome to costco. My downvote was sponsored by Carl’s Jr. if it takes away any of the sting.

  7. Very covert. Zero Dork Thirty.

  8. “It’s so pretty!” “Yeah, it’s boss.” Words to immortalize on youTube.

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