While you watch this video and think, “Haven’t we had enough of these?” just remember that the world didn’t end last night so this is the one we are still stuck with, and also remember that we are almost done here! Happy Holidays! Deck the halls with Barack Obama! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Last night watching the season finale of The League, Ruxin said “Why is this holiday 45 days long?” and he’s right. Sorry to be the grinch but I can’t wait for xmas to be over. I can’t hear one more holiday song. Granted I work right next to Rock Center so it’s mobs and mobs of tourists and trees and Radio City tourists and Salvation Army (anti-gay) dancers. I just can’t…Ok…going to get more coffee.

  2. I honestly love that the current liberal fantasy is to just be best friends with the Obamas. I actually have reoccurring dreams about it and wake up and am pissed that my not even remotely crappy life seems crappy after a day of shopping and garding with Michelle and a night of watching TV with Barack and George Clooney (with our dogs, obviously). I know that the social media blah blah construct blah blah smart points we’re all manipulate to ignore drones blah blah. But whatever, I don’t care. It’s great. And, in the scheme of things, THIS IS THE FORMAL WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS CARD:

    Love this dog. 4 stars. Will vote again.

    • Yeah if the Republicans got to elect George W Bush based on wanting to have a beer with him and then watch him screw up the English language under the guise of being “folksy” then the Democrats get to watch Obama sing and hang out with pop culture stars and other cool stuff.

    • awwwwwwww too cute. now I love xmas again.

    • The drones are really upsetting. Lots of stuff is. But I’m sick of being upset. We survived so far. Let’s enjoy a dog in the snow!!!

  3. I needed this this morning.

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